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EXCLUSIVE: Patti Newton reveals the real reason she's decided to strip off for The All New Monty 2020

''This is for my family.''

By Woman's Day team
Even for Aussie entertainment royalty like Patti Newton, the thought of stripping off on national television on Seven's The All New Monty would be enough to give you pause.
But the 75-year-old says the opportunity to raise money for a good cause was a necessity – not only for her, but for her family as well.
"Bert's sister Alice was diagnosed with breast cancer the year we got married and passed away the next year and it was devastating for him," she says.
"So my performance is dedicated to the beautiful Alice Newton."
And while dancing naked around a chorus line of beautiful 20 to 30-somethings would make anyone nervous, for Patti, who has endured a rollercoaster year with her 20-month-old granddaughter Perla's recent hospital scare and daughter Lauren's difficult premature birth of her son Alby, dancing in the buff is child's play!
Patti is dedicating her performance to Bert's sister, Alice. (Instagram)
"While everything's not like it used to be – the knees give up, the ankles give up – I'm doing OK!" says Patti.
"I think I'm pretty lucky. A bulge here and a bit of a crinkle in the side of my hips I can cope with.
"It's not actually who I am. I am somebody who loves life and while I may not enjoy the very last moment of getting naked, this is a good thing to do."
Patti is set to bare all on the risque show. (Channel Seven)
Patti has been an Aussie A-list stalwart for years alongside her fellow child radio star husband Bert.
Speaking of what her husband thinks of her new gig, Patti has said: "I think when I first told [Bert] he thought I'd say no," Patti told New Idea.
But for the much-loved local star, the opportunity to increase awareness of breast cancer and to encourage young girls to take preventative measures was a good enough reason to get her kit off.
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