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Shock new romance! Alex Nation is dating her divorced co-star

The Bachelor in Paradise beauty has struck up a surprising relationship with her former radio colleague.

She broke Bachelor star Richie Strahan's heart when she dumped him for a woman, before having her own heart broken on Bachelor In Paradise last month when she was, in turn, brutally dumped by Bill Goldsmith.
But it's her latest liaison with a Richie lookalike that is sure to cause the biggest shockwave of all.
The bisexual star, 27, is secretly hooking up with her former radio co-host Luke Forrest, who has quietly separated from his wife Stacey.
Just three months ago Luke publicly declared his love for Stacey on Valentine's Day writing: "I love ya everyday no matter what state your in."
However, in March he was seen out with Alex, who even more confusingly was last week rumoured to be back with her ex-girlfriend Maegan Luxa, after posting a loving message about Maegan to mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.
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Alex is secretly hooking up with her former radio co-host Luke Forrest (pictured), who has quietly separated from his wife Stacey. (Image: @alexandranation/ Instagram)
Alex's and Luke's romance is causing shockwaves. (Image: @alexandranation/ Instagram)
"Luke's like a teenager around Alex," confides our source, who says friends have suspected the pair were having a secret liaison for weeks, despite trying to keep it on the down low because of fears it would hurt their former partners.
"They're like two teenagers who can barely keep their hands off each other. I know it will come as a huge blow to Maegan, who has no idea Alex is seeing Luke. She's still clinging to the hope she and Alex could make it work.
"I understand Stacey recently found out Luke was seeing Alex, which didn't go down well, because they had a number of fights about his close friendship with Alex when they were still together. It's pretty emotional for everyone involved."
Alex broke the heart of previous boyfriend, Richie Strahan, when she left him for a woman. (Image: @richie_strahan/Instagram)
Alex's ex Maegan Luxa (left) has no idea the reality star is seeing Luke, and is holding out hope they will get back together. (Image: @alexandranation/ Instagram)

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