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"He'll still get his happily ever after!" Alex Nation breaks her silence on Richie Strahan split

She finally speaks AND she's dropping the R bomb!

By Bella Brennan
They're the words we never thought we'd hear but Alex Nation has broken her silence and is talking about the world's most top-secret break-up.
The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner has never officially addressed her split from Richie Strahan.
Until now!
On Wednesday, the mother-of-one shared a loved-up snap with her new girlfriend Maegan Luxa (more on that soon!) and replied to one very curious fan's comment.
User @joy_lyn86 asked Alex: "have you always known you liked women? Why go on Bachelor? @richie_strahan could of chosen someone else and had his ever after!"
Clearly the comment struck a chord with Alex and the events manager finally spoke out on the demise of their relationship, explaining: "Richie is a great person, he'll still get his ever after."
"We both hoped for things to work, but life just is. Sometimes things in life simply don't work out for us. You cherish the nice memories and you move forward."
Well there you have it! After months of radio silence, that's our long-awaited for explanation.
Life just is, aka it just wasn't meant to be.
Such wise words perhaps even worthy of a tattoo, or at the very least embroidered on a pillow for a friendly reminder when things don't go to plan.
Alex says says Richie is a "great person" but it wasn't meant to be.
With Richie based in Perth working crazy shifts in the mines as a rope technician and Alex based in Melbourne as she raises her young son Elijah and works, it's little wonder that funny thing called life messed up their grand plans.
But fast forward to November and Alex has found a brand-new love in her life.
Enter her AFL teammate and chef Maegan Luxa.
Last week, the pair finally confirmed their romance off the back of the same-sex marriage yes result.
And now, Alex has revealed she's fallen head-over-heels for her girlfriend.
Alongside her photo with Maegan, which shows the pair laughing face-to-face, the reality star penned a heartfelt message about same-sex relationships.
"When it comes to love, my friends and family would tell you that my heart isn't one to discriminate. I very much fall for a person and the connection that I share with them," she explained.
WATCH: Flashback to Alex and Richie in happier times. Post continues!

"My heart is a wild thing, it craves extraordinary adventure. It's impulsive, sometimes a little dysfunctional but it's big and loud and I follow it to the nth degree. What a wonderful adventure it is with her."
"And what a wonderful adventure it is with you my love! ❤️ you little cutie," Maegan agreed.
And that really is what love is all about. Good on you Alex!