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How Alec Baldwin is really getting under Donald Trump’s skin

The actor is enraging Trump so much, the president-elect took to Twitter to slam him.

Alec Baldwin has told Donald Trump he will stop impersonating him only if the president-elect releases his tax returns.
The actor made the promising following his appearance on Saturday Night Live at the weekend, a performance Trump tweeted was “unwatchable”.
The five-minute skit saw Balwin play a caricature Trump, while funny woman Kate Mikinnon impersonated flustered campaign manager Kellyanne Conway who does her best to get her boss to pay attention to intelligence briefings, instead of messing around on Twitter.
And, in a spirit of art imitating life, the real Trump took to social media to tweet his outrage at the sketch before the show even ended. Irony much?!
Baldwin, who has been donning the wig and orange tan on the NBC show since before Trump got elected, responded with a tweet that gave Trump an ultimatum; “Release your tax returns and I'll stop.”
The question of why Trump won’t reveal his tax returns has long been a point that has raised questions about how he might have used loopholes to pay little or no tax for decades.
Trump officially takes office in 46 days.

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