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Adele helps woman propose to boyfriend

The 34-year-old made a 'leap year' proposal on stage on the opening night of Adele's world tour.

Hayley Consuegra, the woman who proposed to her boyfriend Neil Pringle on stage during the opening night of Adele’s world tour, has spoken to the Daily Mail about her experience.
The 34-year-old was invited onto the stage at Belfast's SSE Arena on Monday when Adele asked if any women in the audience wanted to make a Leap-Year proposal.
Video footage posted on social media shows Adele leading the 11,000 strong audience in a chant of “come on Neil” followed by the moment the 47-year-old said ‘yes’.
Consuegra told MailOnline that Adele’s song Someone Like You helped her win Pringle back after a break up.
“I had seen it on the Brits and it make me think of him. Adele was a big part of us getting back together. She has really written the words to our story,” she said.
The couple had enjoyed a romantic dinner together before the show and discussed their plans for the future.
“He said he definitely wanted to down the line. It was a really lovely conversation. He told me that he knew we would be together for the rest of our lives.
“Obviously I then had it all in my head, so when Adele asked if any women in the audience would want to propose to their boyfriend I out my hand straight up, but I never thought in a million years I would get picked,” she said.
Consuegra, who lives outside Edinburgh with her boyfriend, said she was in a state of shock as soon as she went onto the stage on Monday night.
“It was terrifying, but Adele was saying how she gets nervous as well. I was just so happy to be standing there with Adele. It was worthwhile, a once in a lifetime opportunity.
“When I came off the stage Neil just hugged and kissed me. We were hugging for the rest of the concert.”

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