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Adele, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence form a new girl squad

For far too long we’ve been very jealous over Taylor Swift’s posse but now there’s a new girl gang in town and you’ll want to be part of it.

What are a few Academy Awards between pals? Just ask this mega-star friendship group.
After hiding away for three years, to focus on her family and a new album, Adele is ready to paint the town red, and she has some very famous friends tagging along!
After her hilarious appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 27-year-old was treated to dinner by Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.
The trio were spotted heading into Mexican restaurant Cosme in New York City.
Despite having an estimate $150 million net worth between them the ladies had a relatively low key dinner with the average dish setting them back around $25.
Don’t think for a single second that this group of pals is contrived either, they’re the real deal!
Jennifer Lawrence told Entertainment Weekly this week that she is very picky about who is in her “very small circle.”
The girls enjoyed a low-key dinner a New York City Mexican restaurant.
“The moment I feel like someone is using me or is in it for the wrong reasons, I have zero guilt about just cutting them the f—k out of my life,"
“My bulls—t detector is phenomenal. None of my friends bulls—t me. Everything in my life has to be real,” she added.
Adele, Emma and Jennifer might seem to be a strange threesome, but rest assured they have some history together.
The Hunger Games star and the songstress have been spotted dining together numerous times, including once with Harry Styles in LA where they reportedly, “threw olives at people walking by.”
And it’s well known that Jen and Emma have been pals for ages.
After their low key dinner the girls all hopped into a town car together to presumably kick-on at any one of their NYC penthouses.

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