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Ada Nicodemou and her loved ones reunited for a special milestone, and one thing is clear - this family has some strong genes

It's almost like Ada's mum copied and pasted her genes.

By Faye Couros
Home And Away's Ada Nicodemou is a stunner, but it appears she and the rest of her family got their looks from their gorgeous mother, Jenny Nicodemou.
This revelation is fitting considering the family reunited on the weekend to celebrate Jenny's "milestone birthday."
Ada shared a touching post to celebrate her mum, uploading a photo which included three generations of the family - and fans were quick to point out just how much Jenny's children and grandkids have taken after the matriarch.
Birthday girl Jenny (far left) cuddles up to daughter Ada, son Costa (centre), Costa's wife Elena and grandson Johnas. You can really see the likeness between the generations. Instagram
Her photos from from the occasion featured the birthday girl, her brother Costa, his wife Elena, their baby girl Sofia, Ada's partner Adam Rigby, and her son Johnas.
It is striking how similar the Nicodemou family all look, and this likeness can be seen in their high cheekbones, dark eyes and sharp jaw lines, and all their features are attributed to Jenny, who still looks fabulous.
Ada captioned the pictures, "Today we celebrated a milestone birthday for my mum. We love you mum ❤️ Happy birthday."
The celebration was held at a the Social Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in Cronulla, Sydney, and in one particularly adorable photo, Ada's arms are wrapped around her eight-year-old son Johnas, who has a megawatt smile beaming from his face as he shares a precious moment with his mum.
"We love you mum ❤️." Jenny was certainly feeling the love! Ada's mum is pictured here with Ada's partner Adam Rigby, daughter Ada, granddaughter Sofia, grandson Johnas and son Costa. Instagram
In an interview with Marie Claire in 2020, the 44-year-old spoke about how her mother, who was the head of her household growing up, inspired her to work hard.
"My mum Jenny was always the head of our household. She worked seven days a week but took me and my brother everywhere. I grew up in a delicatessen, counting back change to customers before I went to school. I get my work ethic from my mum," the actor explained.
"She's taught me resilience, strength and how to stick up for myself. As a Greek migrant, she's had to be a tough woman. My mum didn't want me to get into acting. She wanted me to go to university and be a lawyer."
Ada and her son Johnas share a sweet moment at the celebrations. Instagram
Although her mother wasn't so keen on Ada becoming an actor, her opinion changed when she started seeing her daughter succeed and have a stable income."Her opinion changed when I started working on Heartbreak High and she saw me earning money in a stable job."
"After more than 25 years in the industry, my mum's proudest moment was when I won Dancing with the Stars [in 2005]," said Ada.

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