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EXCLUSIVE: Police apply for AVO against Ada Nicodemou's boyfriend after alleged altercation with her ex

The Home and Away star’s new man is denying the claims.

Even in Home And Away star Ada Nicodemou's worst nightmares she couldn't have imagined that her new year would start with a nasty court drama between her boyfriend Adam Rigby and her ex-husband Chrys Xipolitas.
But that's exactly what happened after her Christmas Day took a shocking turn when Adam and Chrys allegedly got into a verbal and physical fight on her Sydney doorstep.
It hasn't been an easy union for Chrys and Ada, who married in February 2007. (Image: Getty)
The AVO also includes a clause forbidding Adam to intentionally or recklessly destroy or damage any property that belongs to 42-year-old Ada's ex-husband, and breaking the terms of the AVO could result in up to two years and a fine of up to $5500.
According to a source close to Chrys, 42, tensions between the chef and Ada's businessman boyfriend had been brewing for months. But on Christmas Day things really came to a head.
Despite rumours the pair first started seeing each other in November 2016, Ada confirmed shew as dating Adam in May 2018. (Image: Getty)
"Chrys arrived at Ada's house in the afternoon and the pair exchanged words," reveals Woman's Day's source. "It's been tense between Adam and Chrys for months and the added pressure of it being the holiday season and the three of them having to deal with each other meant it all just kicked off," the source reveals, adding that the situation went from verbal to physical, with Adam allegedly pushing Chrys, an allegation Adam denies."
Our insider says, "Chrys doesn't want Ada back but he thinks it's out of order that Adam and Ada post pictures of them together, leading a picture-perfect family life. Of course it annoys Chrys, especially when he feels like initially he was cordial to Adam.
"He's told friends he wants the AVO in place so he doesn't have to run into Adam any more, or deal with him."
Another source says Adam gets frustrated that Chrys texts Ada to complain about him behind his back. One thing's for sure though, the drama is exactly what Ada – who has done everything she can to put her marriage behind her and move on with Adam – doesn't want.
Ada's ex-husband Chrys is said to text Ada behind Chris's back, causing on going tension for the couple. (Image: Channel Seven)
Late last year Ada revealed she's finally found happiness after the tragic stillbirth of her son Harrison in 2014.
During an interview, she revealed she couldn't be happier with her "soulmate" Adam, who she has been dating since 2016 and who recently moved into the house she shares with her son Johnas.
"I wasn't going to bring anyone into his life until he saw what love and respect looks like," she says.
"Asking someone else to help bring up your child is a big ask. I'm bringing up a little boy who will one day be a man, and I really want to bring up a gentleman."
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