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Actress Carrie Fisher suffers a 'massive' heart attack on plane

It is believed that Carrie went into cardiac arrest 15 minutes before the airline was due to land, US media reports.

By Ellie McDonald
According to reports, Carrie Fisher has suffered a “massive” heart attack while travelling from London to LA just before noon on Friday, December 23.
TMZ have stated that sources say the 60-year-old went into cardiac arrest shortly before landing at LAX.
The L.A. Times are reporting that following her "cardiac episode", Carrie is in a critical condition.
People on board the flight were performing CPR on the actress, while the on-flight crew urged any passenger who was a doctor to come forward to help the star.
Fortunately, it is believed that an emergency medical technician (a clinician who specialises in responding quickly to emergency situations) sitting at the back of the plane was able to provide Carrie with assistance until the plane landed.
When the flight did land, paramedics rushed Carrie to a nearby hospital.
More details to come…

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