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Ada Nicodemou and husband post touching tribute to their lost son

One year on since Ada Nicodemou and Chrys Xipolitas tragically lost their beautiful son, Harrison, Chys has taken to Instagram to post this touching tribute to his ‘angel’.

By Mahalia Chang
Ada Nicodemou's husband, Chrys took to Instagram to honour his little one.
Posting a snap of his son's funeral program with a photo of his tiny foot still wearing his hospital nametag, it reads ‘Harrison Chrys Xipolitas, Forever In Our Hearts’, along with Harrison’s birth date, 7 August 2014.
“Harrison,” Chrys captioned the photo, “I'll always be your father, She'll always be your mother, You'll always be our child, The child that we had. #foreverinourhearts #angel #alwaysremembered #YNWA.”
Chry's heartbreaking tribute, remembering his darling boy.
Ada and Chrys announced the loss of their son on this day last year, with a heartbreaking release.
"It is with great sadness that we need to share some news with you. Our baby boy Harrison was delivered stillborn on Thursday 7 August 2014.”
“We appreciate your love and support as we mourn the loss of our precious son. We understand we have lived some of our lives in the public eye.
“But we respectfully ask for privacy at this difficult and extremely painful time so we can grieve and heal.”
Following the release, the Home & Away star took a two month leave of absence from the show she has been appearing on for 15 years before returning in September.
Ada and Chrys in 2007 before their wedding.
Ada, 38, and Chrys tied the knot in 2007 and are parents to their son, Johnas. The couple struggled for years to conceive, until they finally underwent IVF for a year in 2012.
After Johnas’ birth, they reportedly then went on to try again for the next three years, before conceiving Harrison in 2014 naturally.
“For it to happen so quickly after we struggled for so long last time is a really nice surprise and we feel really, really lucky,” said Ada of her second pregnancy.
However, when Harrison’s due date came, Ada and Chry’s baby boy was tragically born stillborn, which devastated Ada.
“I just feel I can never be completely happy again because this has happened,” she has said in the past.
Adding, "We will never be the same people we were, and I hate that."
"How do you cope with this? How do you cope? For both of us, what’s upsetting is that this is part of our story now. It’s something you never imagine.”
“It’s just one of the most unnatural things you could ever go through," Ada said.
Posting on her Instagram, the actress shared a heart-wrenching poem by K. Fugleberg, “I'll never get to see your precious face, or whisper words to make you feel safe, I'll never get to hold you tight, when you can't sleep at night.”
“I'll never get to sing to you a sweet lullaby, to calm you down when you cry, I'll never get to fall asleep with you in my arms, all bundled in a blanket to keep you warm, I'll never get to hear you laugh and giggle, or see you little toes wiggle,” read the poem.
“There are many things I will never get to do, but the hardest is not being with you,” it ended.
Ada and Chrys on the red carpet at the Logies in 2006.
Since her heartbreaking loss, Ada has been on the mend.
Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, Ada revealed that she is doing “really well”.
“I’m back at Home and Away, I’m back, I’m working, so that keeps me really, really busy,” said Ada, “And you know, running after a two-year-old [her elder son, Johnas], so there’s never a free moment.”
“You have to take the moments when you can, to look after yourself.”
After their loss, Ada and Chrys had a rose uniquely bred which they named ‘Harrison Chrys’ in their son’s honour.
The TV favourite went on to post that the rose bloomed for the first time at Christmas.

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