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EXCLUSIVE: Things gets messy in Bachie land as Todd King dumps his ex and gets back with Abbie Chatfield

She also liked a comment that suggested Todd "isn't as nice as he seems".

By Rebecca Sullivan
Put your feet back and settle in for a few minutes of deliciously juicy gossip about two of your favourite ex-Bachie stars, Abbie Chatfield and Todd King.
So, you know how these two dated for a while back last year?
Well at the time, Abbie actually insisted Todd was just a "friend", but do you pash your mates at the beach and give them adorable forehead kisses during dinner?
No, you don't.
These two were 100 per cent dating, a fact Abbie confirmed in a DM with a fan this week, where she revealed the pair dated for six months and were "in love".
Abbie rocking the hell out of her natural curls in one of her trademark sultry selfies. Instagram
Todd's bod is ab-solutely fabulous. Instagram
But it looks like things fizzled out between these two Bachie alumni around November, because Todd was spotted at the beginning of December out and about with a new girlfriend, model Shanaya King.
The duo were photographed going to a gallery in Perth, where Todd is based, and Shanaya reportedly even met Todd's mates and attended a Christmas lunch event with her beau.
Shanaya is a B-A-B-E! Instagram
Todd and Shanaya locking lips in a since-deleted Instagram snap. Instagram
Back to Abbie: This week she posted some photos of herself and Todd on her Instagram story with the caption, "Friends 5eva", tagging Todd in the post.
Are they back on for realz? Or was this just a cute little bedside Facetime sesh between two old mates ... who used to make out.
Either way, we're very curious about what happened with the gorgeous Shanaya - and now we know!
Abbie posted this to her Instagram stories this week. Instagram
Now, a juicy screenshot (see below) from Shanaya's Instagram account have revealed that things didn't end too well between the stunning model and Todd.
The runner-up on Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette may have behaved less than honourably here, if her response to a fan's Instagram comment is anything to go by.
"Sorry things didn't work out with Todd. But looks like you're better off without him, already has contacted Abbie!" reads a comment on her page.
Shanaya replied: "Yeah I admire abbie for being able to be 'friends 5 ever' with someone like him," she wrote.
The original commenter then said, "Oh please they'll be hooking up before you know it", before adding, "I've heard he isn't as nice as he seems. An ex Bachie once told me."
Shanaya "liked" that final comment, hinting at Todd's not-so-nice behaviour.
Shanaya also seems to have deleted all traces of Todd from her Instagram account, with no photos of the pair on her feed.
A screenshot of Shanaya's comment interaction with a fan. She also "liked" a comment that suggested Todd "isn't as nice as he seems". Instagram
Abbie and Todd first got the rumour mill started when they were photographed kissing and frolicking at the beach together, just weeks after the finale of The Bachelor aired, showing Abbie getting her heart broken by Bachie Matt Agnew on national television.
But Abbie denied there was romance between the pair, always insisting they were just friends, and that the distance - she is based in Brisbane while Todd lives in WA - made a relationship unrealistic.
"We're good friends and have had a weekend together but that's it! [It's] nothing serious," the 24-year-old told Mamamia last year.
WATCH BELOW: Abbie's candid video message following The Bachelor finale. Story continues after video.
The pair were first spotted flirting in the comments section of Abbie's Instagram page, after Todd congratulated her for speaking out about being slut-shamed after appearing on The Bachelor.
"Absolutely living for this! I can't stand the double standards. Well said, Abbie," Todd commented at the time.
Abbie replied: "Send me a date card already, you feminist icon."
Well, it looks like romance could be back on the cards for these two? We can't wait to see what unfolds next...

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