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Abbie Chatfield reveals surprising money saving hack behind her new fashion business

After a fan accused her of being stingy.

By Maddison Leach
Abbie Chatfield has hit out at a fan who implied she was cheap for using a warehouse to shoot photos for her new fashion business, Verbose The Label.
With the brand's second collection launching soon, Abbie took followers behind the scenes on a photo shoot with models of all different body types and sizes.
The shot appeared to be set up in the brand's stock warehouse, a detail one fan questioned the reality star about in her DMs.
Abbie casts a wide range of diverse models in her Verbose The Label shoots. (Image: Instagram)
Moments later Abbie was on her Instagram Stories with a sassy explanation, revealing the secret money hack behind her new business.
"Someone was like 'it looks like you're shooting shooting in the warehouse, not a studio'," Abbie revealed on social media.
"First of all, have you ever been to a photo studio? They are just big f—king warehouses."
The Masked Singer panellist then explained how the choice helped her save money to spend on other areas of the brand and the shoot itself.
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"Also yeah, we're saving money, we're shooting in our warehouse," she continued.
"How f—ked of us to try and save money so we can spend it on getting six models and doing e-commerce and also lifestyle [imagery], and getting great makeup artists and great photographers so that we're not hiring out a special venue that looks exactly the same as our warehouse. Sorry!"
It's not the first time Abbie has opened up about her money, taking to social media last week to explain why she turns down most brand deals she's offered.
The 27-year-old revealed earlier this year that her lucrative collaboration with sexual wellness company VUSH was so profitable she was able to buy a $1.45million home in Byron Bay.
Abbie has revealed more about her financial status as of late. (Image: Instagram)
But in a recent Q&A, Abbie revealed just how many brand deals and Instagram ad offers she turns down.
"I say yes to one in 10 [offers]. A lot of brands approach me that I say no to or I make them alter their campaign," she told her followers.
"I say no for various reasons but a big thing is lack of alignment or a boring campaign."
She added that she prioritises deals where she can post whatever she likes rather than having to go through a brand approval process - like her sex toy with VUSH.
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