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Abbie Chatfield spills on what makes her turn down a staggering amount of brand deals

'I only do brands that I actually love.''

By Alana Mazzoni
Abbie Chatfield is one of the most successful stars to ever come out of Australian reality TV, so it's little surprise the former Bachelor star has hundreds of brands wanting to work with her.
The 27-year-old revealed earlier this year that her lucrative collaboration with sexual wellness company VUSH was so profitable she was able to buy a $1.45million home in Byron Bay.
But in a recent Q&A, Abbie revealed just how many brand deals and Instagram ad offers she turns down.
Abbie said at this point of her career, she's more conscious of which brands she works with. (Image: Instagram)
"I say yes to one in 10 [offers]. A lot of brands approach me that I say no to or I make them alter their campaign," she told her followers.
"I say no for various reasons but a big thing is lack of alignment or a boring campaign.
"I'm more likely to say yes if there's something easy or fun about the campaign, like [if] it's a really funny idea that's creative."
Abbie said she tends to sign on to brand deals that have "no approvals", meaning she has more freedom in the sponsored content she posts on social media.
Abbie's collaboration with sex toy company VUSH was so profitable she was able to buy a $1.45million home in Byron Bay. (Image: Instagram)
"I'm lucky enough now that I only do brands that I actually love and trial and are genuinely obsessed with," Abbie said, adding that if a campaign has a "good creative" pitch she's more likely to jump onboard.
Abbie, who has a whopping 410,000 Instagram followers, went on to say that brands need to recognise influencers as industry professionals who know a lot about marketing.
"I think all the people in marketing think influencers have no idea about marketing and the whole job is about marketing yourself, your brand, your aesthetic. The entire job is marketing," the radio presenter said.
Abbie has collaborated with several brands since finding fame on The Bachelor back in 2019.
However, her most successful deal was her April 2021 collaboration with sex-toy company VUSH, selling a special range of $150 vibrators.
In January, Abbie partnered with Souszy, an online Australian lingerie store, to create comfortable yet sexy underwear sets - and the profit from the in-demand reality star spoke for itself.
"The response we received from the collaboration has been incredible. In the first three hours of launching we had more sales than we did in our first year of trading," co-owner Laura Moxon said at the time.
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