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A day in the life of The Block's Alisa and Lysandra

The Block winners Alisa and Lysandra have teamed up with youi insurance to bring you a glimpse into their busy lives.

7am: Alisa squeezes in an early spin class, followed by a green smoothie, before taking her son to daycare. Across town, Lysandra packs lunch for her two sons and gets her eldest ready for school.
9am: The work day kicks off with Alisa and Lysandra preparing for an interior design consultation. They discuss mood boards, timelines and the desired look and feel for the client's space.
12pm: Lysandra spends some time online, sourcing designer tiles for an upcoming project. Her three-year-old son, Cohen, helps out by suggesting what style she should choose. Then it's off to the park, where Lysandra juggles her emails while pushing the swing.
3pm: It's a busy afternoon as Alisa and Lysandra star in a photo shoot for an upcoming project. The girls glam up, are briefed and are ready for their close-up.
7pm: It's back to Mum duties like dinner, baths and bedtime stories. The boys always have 10 million excused why they can't go to bed!
11pm: With the kids asleep at last, it's back to work, catching up on emails, sourcing furniture and updating social media before finally, bedtime, ready to do it all again tomorrow.
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