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60 seconds with Sally Graham — the face of Melbourne Fashion

Internationally reknowned catwalk model and the official face of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, the gorgeous Sally Graham gives us a snapshot into her glamorous and busy life.

What do you love most about the Melbourne Fashion Festival ?
I love that it's all about what's in store now. I've done shows around the world, and I think that sometimes they can alienate consumers a little bit. MSFW is very accessible.
Melbourne or Sydney for style and why?
Is that a trick question? (laughs) Seriously... that's like asking if New York or Paris is more stylish. They are both very different. And have very different style. So I cant choose!
You spend eight months of the year travelling to some of the world's most glamorous fashion destinations for work — what do you do to relax when you have time to yourself?
I like riding public transport in foreign cities. To watch the people. Is that wrong?
Favourite international city to work in and why?
A toss between Tokyo and Milan. They are both full of mad creative people.
What are the things that make Sally Graham tick?
My mum — she's the best.
Your essential beauty advice would be...
Top fashion tips for the season...
Be yourself
You were plucked from obscurity in a suburban shopping mall by a German model agent in 2002 — what would you be doing now if this never happened?
I'd be an archaeologist!
What advice would you give to budding young models?
Don't believe the first person who tells you they're going to make you famous
What are your favourite Aussie label at the moment?
You never leave home without...
A crossword book and my ipod.
What's your motto in life?
Life's short — talk quick.
What do you wish you had more time to do?
These questions!!
What favourite food do you allow yourself to indulge in?
I'm obsessed with sushi. Boring I know...

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