You will not guess how old this youthful looking model actually is

This Japanese model's age has just been revealed and her fans can hardly believe it.

Social media users have been left stumped after uncovering the true age of a popular Japanese model.
Risa Hirako has over 94,000 Instagram followers who enjoy the sexy selfies, home-made healthy meals and lingerie photoshoots scattered throughout her page.

However, what none of them were banking on was the fact Hirako is 45 years old. All while barely looking a day over 18!

The news was discovered by eagle-eyed fans scouring Hirako's Wikipedia page. It soon spread like wildfire throughout Tokyo and beyond.
One Twitter user wrote: “Risa Hirako is 45 years old. Let that blow your mind this morning.”
“There’s no way you’re 45 yrs old… If it’s true...you’re doing fine like vintage wine," said another.
The model clearly follows a healthy lifestyle, sharing snaps of the organic juices, teas and even make-up she uses. But there's little doubt great genetics must be at play too, judging by this photo she shared alongside her equally youthful-looking mum.

Some people have all the luck!

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