Lumps, bumps and oil slicks... What your skin is REALLY trying to tell you

Fact: we're all prone to the occasional pimple. But what if said-blemish was, in fact, your skin's way of sending you a (OK, inconvenient) message?

By Rebecca Twomey
Want to know how to stop spots, ditch dry skin and banish blemishes? Skincare expert and touch therapist Sarah Jones
talks you through the secret signals your skin is telling you.
Sometimes no amount of drinking water, cleansing, toning and moisturising can cure bad skin.
This is why skincare expert Sarah Jones has taken a unique approach to beauty – and as the saying goes, it starts from the inside.
Sarah’s approach is based around the idea that your skin reflects your emotions – so anything you're affected by in the past and present will show on our skin.
Her secret to skin vitality is not just a healthy lifestyle – from a good balanced diet, regular exercise and keeping hydrated – she also thinks the true magic formula also includes finding a level of inner peace, positivity, confidence and overall balance.
Sarah says: “Have you ever noticed that your skin reacts badly when you’re under stress? I can sometimes point to a spot and say, 'This is from that terrible traffic jam I got stuck in yesterday.' Or when you’re giddy with good news, people often comment on your skin, saying you’re “glowing”. Don’t underestimate how emotions play a huge role in how our skin behaves.”
To help you sort your own skin complaints Sarah has shown what emotions are behind each blemish.

Dry skin

This is ultimately linked to deep-rooted stress, self-criticism and a little sadness.
A particular memory may also be eating away at you. You’re likely to be a kind and caring person that does everything for the people around you, but forgets to look after yourself.
Don’t forget to prioritize yourself even if it’s just having a bath once a week, and if you want to overcome trauma in your past you may want to see a counsellor.

Cold sores and breakouts of spots

These are both are an indication of unexpressed anger, festering inside. It may be worth taking a little time to try and isolate what it is that’s annoyed you recently.
Coldsores and spots are life’s way of telling you that you have just gotten off balance so it’s time to readdress this as try and curb whatever it is that’s made you angry.


The painful and difficult dry, cracking, crusting and red patches on the skin is often difficult to treat and a real battle. Sarah believes this is a sign that you feel suffocated in your thoughts and over whelmed in your emotions.
It may be time to take stock of how you are feeling, write down how you feel and fine a way you may be able to tackle each emotion.

Oily skin and acne

When you have oily skin you’re also prone to large pores you’ll also have regular but small breakouts.
This is a sign that you’re not relaxed and you put a lot of pressure on yourself emotionally. You may also be prone to judging yourself a lot.
It may be time to work on your confidence and surround yourself with people who make you feel good.
This article originally appeared on Closer UK.