Victoria Beckham's extravagant facial has been revealed and fans are shocked

She puts WHAT on her face!?

By Jess Pullar
It's no secret there are some seriously weird skincare crazes out there.
We've got blood facials, snail mucous and real gold face masks (24K, to be specific), but Victoria Beckham's facial might just take the cake when it comes to being the most extra.
Indeed the intriguing details behind the fashion designer's skincare regime as been revealed, and suffice to say you're going to be shocked.
Secret's out! Victoria's flawless skin doesn't come cheap, it appears... (Image: Getty)
Speaking to Closer Magazine, Beckham's Beverly Hills-based dermatologist, Dr Harold Lancer, revealed that the designer has spent up to AUD $2,000 on a single facial. Yep, our eyes are watering too.
The brunette 44-year-old reportedly relies on Lancer's 'Legacy Facial', which involves a caviar sheet mask and an eye treatment made from crushed pearls.
We'll just let that one sink in.
Even our wildest dreams couldn't come up with a lifestyle like Victoria's... (Image: Instagram @victoriabeckham)
After the extravagant sheet mask and facial, stem cells are then injected into the skin. It then ends with LED and oxygen therapy.
The treatment has become informally known as the "foetus facial' because of how young it makes people look afterwards.
For $2,000, we'd be hoping to chop off a good 10 years at least!
WATCH: David Beckham steals Victoria's beauty products. Story continues after video...
Lancer justified the quality of the treatment, saying, "People in the public eye demand a high level of product and materials, which this facial offers."
He said celebrities are particularly keen on the treatment because they're more often subjected to wearing heavy makeup, as well as feeling stressed and experiencing dehydration.
"This facial adds an antioxidant protein shield that the skin needs to look its best."
We can't really argue with that - and we must say, Victoria does have enviable skin - as does her 7-year-old daughter Harper, who, you guessed it, also gets facials.
Posting a picture of Harper on her Instagram story earlier in 2019, the youngest Beckham was seen receiving the treatment from none other than Barbara Sturm, one of Europe's most celebrated beauty experts.
Oh to be a Beckham...
Harper Beckham gets the royal treatment when it comes to skincare too. (Image: Instagram @victoriabeckham)
Other celebrities who are known to be fans of the pricey facial include Brie Larson, while Jennifer Lopez and Margot Robbie are also among Lancer's clientele.
And despite the extravagant cost, he insists that consistency is key - something that Beckham takes no trouble in indulging in.
"Victoria doesn't just sporadically do something, she follows a programme with the same determination as an Olympic athlete and that's why [her skin] looks the way it does."
One can only dream of a life where this kind of treatment is an option...