5 ways to deal with dry skin this summer

Your summer skincare, sorted.

By BTYB Dermeze
The days are longer, the weather is heating up and the beach is becoming our go-to weekend destination. Summer has officially arrived, bringing with it sun-soaked days and balmy nights... and the return of dry, flaky skin.
Just when you thought you'd conquered your dry-skin demons over winter, back they come, causing dry, itchy and flaky patches that can seriously mess with your glowing summer vibe.
To save you from skincare woes, we've rounded up five of the best dry skin tips. Consider this your go-to guide for summer confidence and selfie-worthy skin.

1. Stay hydrated

Days spent in the sun and surf can take their toll on our skin. Ocean salt actually lingers on the skin after you've rinsed, absorbing essential nutrients and leaving skin dry and dehydrated (if you're in the water too long, that is).
Drinking enough H2O to keep your body hydrated is a must in summer, but dry skin also needs a little extra boost. Add a nourishing natural oil to your beauty collection - this will keep your skin hydrated and, when mixed with your foundation, can you achieve the summer glow you've always wanted.

2. Cleanse, moisturise, repeat

It's a time-old beauty routine, but can work wonders for your skin. If you find yourself sitting in an air-conditioned room all day, chances are the lack of humidity isn't doing your skin any favours. But you don't need to pack your bathroom vanity with dozens of over-priced products – keep it simple and stick with the essentials.
Thankfully, there are products like Dermeze that offer a simplified range of skin-loving products arranged by five levels of 'Moisture Intensity' that you can mix-and-match to suit the whole family's changing skin needs, all-year round. Start with a daily cleanse using the specially-formulated Dermeze Moisturising Soap-Free Wash, with a paraben- and SLS-free formula to nourish and hydrate sensitive skin. Remember that hot showers and baths can actually dry your skin out – and that keeping your daily wash routine short is good for both you and the environment!
Moisturiser should be the first thing you apply after your shower. Steer clear of fragrant moisturisers that can actually irritate your skin, and try a non-irritant alternative like Dermeze Moisturising Cream that works to replenish the skin's natural moisture barrier. The non-greasy, fragrance- and paraben-free formula abosrbs quickly and nourishes your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. And the best part? It doubles as a face cream and is perfect for the whole family – babies included!
Dermeze Moisturising Soap Free Wash, $11.99 RRP; Moisturising Lotion, $13.99 RRP; Moisturising Cream, $7.99 RRP; Treatment Cream, $8.49 RRP; Treatment Ointment, $8.99 RRP; all available from selected pharmacies, including Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.

3. Carry a face mist everywhere

Face mists are a quick and easy way to refresh and hydrate your skin. Look for a spray with a natural base like cucumber that will work to breathe new life into your skin throughout the day. You can easily slip a spray bottle into your handbag or beach tote for an on-the-go refresher. A quick spritz and you'll be on your way.

4. Exfoliate regularly

If you're dealing with dry, patchy skin, get to the root of the problem and scrub away any build-up or dead skin. Add a gentle facial and body scrub to your beauty routine, and use up to three times weekly. Be careful not to over-do it as this can leave your skin red and irritated. A loofah sponge or brush is a great way to add light exfoliation into your wash routine.
Ecopure Bath Massaging Hand Brush, $13.99 at Priceline

5. Prioritise sun protection

We all know the risks associated with UV rays - the damage of too much unprotected time spent in the sun extends beyond dry skin - yet we still insist on lounging around in the sun as soon as the weather warms up. The first step in sun-safety is to invest in a daily moisturising broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF for both your face and body and re-apply every two hours, or more if you're swimming.
Your beach tote should always contain sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and cover-up or sarong – these are just the basics of sun protection. And remember, there's a difference between sun-kissed skin and sun-damaged skin.
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