"Damn melasma!" Snezana Markoski opens up about her battle with the common skin condition

Despite her disappointment in the appearance of her skin, the new mum kept a sense of humour about it.

By Bettina Tyrrell
New mum, Snezana Markoski knows exactly what it’s like to see her body go through dramatic changes – she did just give birth to her second child, and the first ever Bachelor baby.
So it’s no surprise the brunette beauty was seemingly blasé in her most recent Instagram story, when she revealed her battle with skin pigmentation condition melasma.
The 37-year-old posted a makeup-free selfie which showed patches of brown, discoloured skin on her cheeks.
"Damn melasma!" she captioned the image.
Proving not too fussed by the condition that effects pregnant women, the mum-of-two joked, "Oooh well, at least I use less bronzer now."

What is melasma?

Snezana didn’t reveal any more on her skin condition; however, melasma is very common in women. According to the Australasian College of Dermatologist, melasma is a skin condition characterised by patchy areas of light brown, tan or even dark brown pigmentation.
Melasma can be caused by multiple factors such as sun exposure, hormonal changes like pregnancy or taking the oral contraceptive pill, and genetics can play a part too.
Melasma is challenging to treat, however, melasma associated with pregnancy has the best chance of improvement with pigment gradually fading over months. For those with severe melasma, medical-grade light and laser treatments have proven to be particularly successful in treating the discoloured skin.

Snezana isn’t the only star to reveal her battle with melasma lately – Jenna Dewan Tatum has also spoken out on Instagram about her experiences with the skin condition.
The Step Up actress found the confidence to post a selfie while wearing very little makeup after having her melasma treated.
"Sooo no reason selfie. But I do want to say I am shocked that I am able to go mostly makeup free now with no filters or retouching etc. Those who have had melasma know it’s hard to manage," the mum-of-one captioned the pretty shot.