Six races, six faces: Celtic colouring - red hair and pale skin

Australia is known for its ethnic diversity. From Indigenous to blonde, Mediterranean, Asian, Celtic and dark-skinned, Australian multi-cultural beauty embraces all races, skin tones, hair and eye colouring and exudes a fresh and natural appeal, which reflects the vibrant, laid-back spirit of the country.

This striking combination of red hair and light-toned skin can look sensational when the right make-up shades have been chosen. Beth Mumm, Clinique Director of Product Development Worldwide, says to start with foundation choice and when in doubt opt for a neutral base, which is not too pink.
"To check the true color of a foundation, apply an opaque swatch of at least three colours as close to your skin tone as possible, directly to your jawbone," she advises. "Check the colour in natural daylight to see which is closest to the actual skin tone."
Blush basics
Apply blush last as this way you can assess at the combination of the lips and eyes and how much or how little you will need to complete the look. "Always match your blush with the colour of your lipstick," says Beth. "To create a very natural look use either a light bronzer or a brownish blush - keep it happy, dewy and fresh - just stay within the neutral palette."
Lip tricks
Best to keep in mind the overall look and to balance complement eye shadow and it’s advisable to keep one feature as focus. If your eye makeup is light you can get away with darker lips, however if your eyes are dramatic, think about keeping the tone of your lips more subtle.
Eye style
Beth comments, "For pale skin use browny pinks, soft orange, burnt amber and straight-up browns. Make sure to use colours that are not too vibrant. If you have blue eyes make sure not to use any red, but keep a nice neutral wash."
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