The $18 supermarket beauty product Nicole Kidman uses everyday

Ever wondered why Our Nic never seems to age? She's finally revealed her secret!

By Rebecca Sullivan
At 52 years old, Nicole Kidman's skin defies belief.
While the Australian native might call Nashville home these days, the fair-skinned beauty has clearly learned a thing or two from growing up in our harsh Aussie climate and our sun's harmful UV rays.
Nicole is famously sun smart and now she's revealed the simple - and affordable! - beauty product that has kept her skin looking so flawless.
It's the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Dry Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF50, which costs about $17 from your local supermarket or chemist.
We should all be wearing SPF50 sunscreen everyday. (Image: Supplied)
The Big Little Lies star recently opened up about how obsessed she is with this product, explaining that she will use it even while filming on set.
"I reapply all the time. I was just shooting outside last week. It was almost 100 degrees [37 celsius] in NYC. I was out in the sun all day from beginning to end. I reapplied SPF, which is crazy, but I didn't get burnt once. It goes beautifully under makeup because it's dry touch," Nicole told The Cut.
And even her makeup artist is a fan!
"My makeup artist is like, 'I love this stuff'. I even taught her about how you have to reapply every two to three hours. It's amazing how a lot of people don't know that. And yes, I put it on over makeup. Because it's sheer touch, it doesn't smudge as much. I put it on and then we reapply makeup over it," she said.
Can you believe she is 52?! (Image: Getty)
While Nicole's beauty routine might sound intense, she's actually doing exactly what the experts say.
The sun is the number one cause of ageing, so while fancy serums are certainly great to use, a sunscreen is the easiest way to ensure you stay looking young.
Look at that skin! (Image: Instagram)
Nicole says she stays out of the sun and wears self-tanner to fake that gorgeous natural glow.
"My own skin doesn't really tan. I really have never tanned. Even as a child, I never did it. Now, I'm so glad because it really saved my skin. It's just not part of what I do," she said.
"For characters, I'm grateful that I can fake tan. Or I can self-tan. Sometimes I'll put a little on my legs, because it can look better if I have a bit of colour. Sometimes I will do a spray tan, which always looks a bit weird. But really, the thing I've learned is the need to protect your skin. Not just for the beauty aspect, but for skin cancer safety. It's so common now. But my skin doesn't have the damage a lot of people have."
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All the top dermatologists recommend that every single Australian should be wearing a sunscreen with SPF 50 everyday.
But because many sunscreens out there are gross and greasy, often leaving us with an unflattering white cast, very few of us actually stick to the sunscreen guidelines.
Dont worry if you've yet to find a product that isn't greasy and won't break you out, because we've done the hard yards for your and found seven of the best sunscreens for acne and pimple-prone skin.
If it's good enough for Nicole, it's good enough for us!

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