Eva Longoria: I feel like I’ve been on a diet since 1993

Back in Australia, Eva Longoria sits down with Sheree Mutton and talks candidly about turning 40, sexism in Hollywood and why she’s in no rush to get married again.

By Sheree Mutton
Sitting opposite me in a Sydney hotel suite, the Golden-Globe-nominated actress Eva Longoria has clearly taken care of herself.
Luminous skin, shiny dark locks and dazzling white teeth. But she admits “there’s no secret... It’s diet and exercise,” the former Desperate Housewives star confesses.
“You need to equally pay attention to both. You can’t eat like crap and run 10 miles,” she admits. “I feel like I’ve been on a diet since 1993.”
In Sydney to judge Specsavers Spectacle Wearer Of The Year 2015, the former Miss Corpus Christi celebrated her 40th birthday in March with a lavish party with her businessman partner, Jose Baston and family and friends.
“It’s a really good place to be, your 40s,” she tells me without hesitation. “You become more confident, you become more secure, you know who you are.”
Asked about a growing number of actresses who have openly criticised Hollywood for its treatment of older actresses, Longoria says it’s nothing new.
“It’s always been hard for anybody in the industry whether you’re a model, or an actor or a singer. You get aged-out,” she says.
“It’s society more than the industry. Everybody wants the new, next young best thing whether that’s in TV or singing. I don’t think it’s a bombshell that it happens,” she adds.
“In order to change it you have to become the creator and that’s why I’ve become a producer and director because I want to create those opportunities/roles that I want to see on the big screen or TV.”
Opportunities in Hollywood are certainly not rare for Longoria, who is set to star in a new television comedy on CBS. She tells me as soon as she arrives back at home in Los Angeles it’s back to business or has she likes to call it – “hooked up to the TV machine again.”
“A hundred miles an hour, one hundred per cent focus is my new show,” she says with smile. “It’s going to be a big deal to see me as a character other than Gabby Solis [Desperate Housewives]. I’m hoping everyone will embrace Ana Sofia.”
And what about the future, I ask. Is there any truth to the rumours of an engagement? “'I've been married twice before so for me there's no rush,” she says. “I live in the honeymoon stage of life, we'll skip over the wedding.”
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