All the Married At First Sight contestants' questionable tattoos

Let's just say that making positive life choices isn't what these guys do best.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Married At First Sight contestants and tattoos go hand-in-hand.
Pretty much every bride and groom on the sixth season of Channel Nine's reality show is tatted-up to the nines.
Some love to show off their ink all the time, while others are a little more subtle with their tattooed body parts.
We've done a deep dive to bring you all the dodgiest pieces of ink from the MAFS contestants we've met so far.


Elizabeth's wrist tatt has been on display all series. (Image: Instagram)
Is it a bat? A flying dog? Girl, we need an explanation please. (Image: Instagram)
Her entire body is covered in tatts. (Image: Instagram)
Elizabeth loves to show off her tattoos on Instagram. (Image: Instagram)
Elizabeth has loads of tattoos, but MAFS viewers have only seen the large creature-like image she's got inked under her wrist.
While some of the brides and grooms have stripped down to their bikinis and boardies on their honeymoons, Elizabeth hasn't.
But a quick look at her Instagram page shows she's got plenty - including a bat on her stomach, a small branch underneath her sternum, a rose on her inner elbow and a massive unidentifiable object that covers up most of her right thigh.
"I have a spiritual side to me and all my tattoos represent that," Elizabeth told OK!magazine.
"Next I want a black widow spider, and from my rib cage to my knees tattooed. But I don't want any more on my arms or calves. I like to be different and eccentric and I don't apologise for that. Go big or go home!"
When it comes to guys with tattoos, Elizabeth can't get enough of them!
"I tend to go for guys with tattoos. I actually love guys with facial tattoos," she told OK!.
"I've dated guys that are completely tattooed, including facial tattoos. I like different people. I don't judge people on their appearance," she said.


Sam's ego is as big as his tattoos. (Image: Channel Nine)
Yep, that's a lion. (Image: Channel Nine)
~Flexes muscles~. (Image: Channel Nine)
If Elizabeth can't get enough of guys with tatts, then Sam should be the guy for her! The bloke is absolutely covered in them.
He also loves to take his shirt off, so viewers are regularly treated to a display of the giant lion in the middle of his chest, a huge sleeve and what appears to be a poem, letter or song lyrics written on his left shoulder and chest.


Mark. Mate. What are these symbols? (Image: Channel Nine)
Mark, yes that's the same Mark who owns just one plastic cup and a one plastic plate, seems like a regular, straighty one-eighty guy at first.
But he's actually hiding some hectic tattoos on his back.
It's unclear exactly what the tattoo says, but it appears to be a series of numbers, letters or Roman numerals etched in several vertical lines along the middle of his back.
We love you Mark, but what on earth were you thinking? Hopefully we get an explanation soon.


Her beautiful strapless gown showed off all of her tattoos. (Image: Channel Nine)
Ning has star and flower tattoos on her back. (Image: Channel Nine)
Ning has showed off her tattoos by wearing lots of strapless and spaghetti-strap dresses on MAFS.
On her back she's inked with a scattering of stars and a large flower, while she sports two large nondescript tattoos on both wrists.
Mark and Ning sharing breakfast in bed together, the morning after their wedding. (Image: Channel Nine)
Ning sports a tattoo bracelet on her wrist. (Image: Channel Nine)
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We spy some ink on this groom too. (Image: Channel Nine)
Uh oh, is that a Southern Cross? (Image: Channel Nine)
Yes it is. And a bird on his right arm too. (Image: Channel Nine)
Is this one of the many girls whose heart Mick has supposedly broken? (Image: Channel Nine)
Self-described heartbreaker Mick (remember when he said that?!) is 44 and single.
He says he's "always had a lot of attention from girls" while travelling, because he stayed in hostels and met women "half my age". Charming, right?
Mick is exactly the kind of bloke who would rock a Southern Cross tattoo - and of course, he's got one. It's plastered down the side of his abdomen, next to his perfect six pack.
He's also got a bird tattooed underneath his right arm, another tattoo on his right bicep and a massive portrait of a topless woman on the underside of his arm.
Wonder if she's one of the many hostel-loving ladies he's picked up in the past?


We can't quite read the inscription but there's something there. (Image: Channel Nine)
Perhaps a motivational quote? (Image: Instagram)
Jessika is the least tatted-up member of the MAFS squad.
She's got a little inscription tattooed on her collarbone, and that appears to be it.