Marilyn new face of Chanel No. 5

Marilyn Monroe, courtesy of Chanel.
Marilyn Monroe has become the new face of Chanel's most famous perfume, more than 50 years after her death.
Chanel has confirmed the blonde bombshell will posthumously star in a new print and TV campaign for Chanel No. 5.
The new advertisements will be released in the next two months and will feature an old image of Marilyn at the height of her fame, posing with a giant bottle of the famous scent.
The TV portion of the campaign will also include recently discovered audio from an interview Marilyn gave to Marie Claire in 1960.
In the tape, Marilyn is heard making the saucy revelation that she wore nothing but the scent to bed.
"You know, they ask questions," Marilyn says in the recording. "Just an example: 'What do you wear to bed? A pyjama top? The bottoms of the pyjamas? A nightgown?' So I said, 'Chanel No. 5,' because it's the truth … and yet, I don't want to say 'nude' but it's the truth!"
Marilyn will take over from Brad Pitt, the current face of the fragrance. His appointment was controversial and he reportedly received $7 million for his involvement.
It is not known if Chanel will pay Marilyn's trust for the use of her likeness.
Marilyn is not the only star to appear in an advertisement long after her death — Audrey Hepburn is currently the face of UK chocolate brand Galaxy.

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