Lisa Wilkinson reveals her fitness and skincare secrets in candid new video

The fit TV host packs a punch.

By Jess Pullar
She's raised three children, forged an epic career path in media and graced our prime-time screens for many years, and Lisa Wilkinson is showing no sign of slowing down.
Indeed the 59-year-old is just as prominent in the media landscape today as she was 20 years ago, and we can't help but admire her determination - and wonder how she always looks so good.
But we are wondering know more as Lisa has just revealed her exercise and skincare hacks - and we'll just be over here doing exactly what that is...
Lisa Wilkinson has opened up on her fitness and skincare regime, and we want what she's having! (Image: Getty)
Taking to her Instagram account, Lisa shared a number of her fitness, beauty and diet tips, all of which were surprisingly straightforward and actually do-able!
Most notable was her exercise routine, which as it turns out, involves none other than her husband Peter Fitzsimmons.
Opening up about their fitness pact, Lisa explained: "For the last six weeks, my husband and I have been doing a couples workout.
"We're trying to improve our time each time [we do the routine]," she continued, pointing to a board mapping out each exercise.
Their activities include a 3km row, 20 laps on a sled, 150 push ups, 2km on a SkiErg, and 120 medicine ball throws - no small feat!
The pair time themselves doing the circuit, with the goal of bettering it each time.
On her Instagram story, Wilkinson revealed that she and Peter had beaten last week's time by two minutes, managing the circuit in 30 minutes.
Lisa and her husband Pete do a couples workout each week. (Image: Instagram / @lisa_wilkinson)
But that's not the only thing contributing to Lisa's healthy lifestyle - The Project host also shared a plethora of information and tips about her skincare and diet, and we've got the full low-down.
Keep scrolling for the queen of Aussie television's lifestyle tips and tricks.

Lisa's skincare routine

The look and feel of youth tends to come down to your skin, and there's no denying Lisa's is flawless.
Keeping things real, Lisa explained in a video from her own bathroom that skincare was an important daily ritual, especially given her job on television.
"I would love to wear less makeup, but unfortunately TV lights, cameras and studios don't really allow for that," she said.
"But what it means is that my routine is all about getting all my makeup off - that's really important."
Lisa then revealed that she cleanses no less than three times a day!
Outside of her thorough cleansing, Lisa also "bathes" herself in moisturiser and serums by Dr Spiller.
WATCH: Lisa Wilkinson shares her skincare tips. Story continues after video...

Lisa's diet

It mightn't come as a huge surprise that eating lots of healthy fruits and vegetables is at the core of Lisa's lifestyle, but there are some exceptions outside of that.
"[It's important to] make sure you're eating the foods that keep your energy levels up. I like my carbs!" She commented.
"I do try to eat mindfully... it's actually just doing the right thing. I eat plenty of lean meats and make sure I get plenty of fish."
And when it comes to body confidence, Lisa revealed that while she initially struggled with it, she's come to a good place.
"As a teenager and in my 20's I didn't have a positive body image mindset," she said.
"But I found that when I had children, I realised how incredible my body was... and so my whole focus about what are bodies for and how much you should nurture it completely changed."

Lisa's fitness routine

After having three children, Lisa revealed the physical toll it took on her body, saying she's had problems with her lower back for years.
"Ever since I had babies I've had a problem with my lower back, and I'm trying to keep it strong," she explained. "I've been working on my core strength a lot, I do a lot of sit ups and push ups
"I'm also going to start Pilates because everybody raves to me about how good it is for the lower back."
And there is one other thing Lisa swears by - much to our (and her own!) dismay.
"I discovered the joys of planking... not," she remarked.
"I was up to being able to do a five-minute plank just over 18 months ago. Then I went on holidays, slipped over in a bathroom and broke my wrist, so I've been working my way back from that ever since."
Lisa keeps active despite her busy schedule on The Project. (Image: Instagram / @lisa_wilkinson)
Cardio exercises are also important to her fitness routine.
"I do cardio because as I've mentioned before there are heart health issues in my family," she explained.
"I'm doing everything I can to keep my heart as healthy as possible."
And while the exercises require some seriously hard yakka, there is one thing Lisa draws the line at.
"I hate running. Partly because I've got boobs, and any woman watching this who's got boobs will know that running when you've got boobs is problematic, no matter how good your sports bra is!" She said.
Well said Lisa! We'll just be over here booking our next Pilates class now...
WATCH: Lisa Wilkinson discusses her drive and passion:

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