Keira Maguire: "I was forced into plastic surgery"

The Bachelor's Keira opens up about her surprise (and expensive!) surgery.

By NW team
You probably know her as the over-confident 'villain' from The Bachelor and I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, but as NW found out during an eye-opening shoot with her, Keira Maguire is anything but.
In fact, in an exclusive new interview with the blonde bombshell, she reveals that since being thrust into the spotlight her confidence has taken a direct hit, leading her to spend more than $35,000 in a plastic surgery overhaul.
"Being in the spotlight, you focus more on those things you want to change," she spills.
"My nose and breasts were the two other things I've wanted to have done for 10 years. I've always wanted to get done, but being in this industry just forced me to get it done in a more prompt manner."

2017 is already shaping up to be another big year in the spotlight for the Sydney stunner with rumours she's in talks to appear on Australia's very own Bachelor In Paradise series, alongside Bachie alum Courtney Dober and Samuel Johnston.
And despite exuding more self-confidence than the entire Kardashian clan, Keira says she's not loving the attention as much as you might think.
"I feel nervous a lot… If you go out you pretty much get ambushed. I keep to myself a lot more now," she says. "You've got people taking photos of you randomly and you've got to look good from all angles, so it's extra pressure."

Now, following her nose job and most recently a breast implant surgery, she says she's feeling hotter and happier than ever and won't be heading back to the surgeon's chair anytime soon.
"That's it for now. I'm done when it comes to that," she reveals.
Yep, don't change a thing, girl. You look smokin'.
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