The surprising beauty product that was smuggled into Kensington Palace for Kate and Meghan

It must be seriously good...

By Jess Pullar
Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's glamour is undeniable, but getting that dewy, supple and glowy skin doesn't necessarily come easy.
Well, that's if the latest anecdote to come out of Kensington Palace is anything to go by.
In a revelation that has us taking notes immediately, it appears that there is one particular skincare product that Kate swears by - but she certainly didn't hear about it by perusing the shelves at her local chemist.
According to a new report from HELLO!, Kate is a big fan of Beuti Skincare's facial oil.
The AUD $79 product is understood to be a go-to for the Duchess, whose beautifully clear and radiant skin is certifiably enviable.
And as if we needed any more convincing, the publication reports that Kate even gave the product to Meghan Markle to use - so it really must be that good...
Kate and Meghan reportedly both use Beuti Skincare's facial oil, but the product didn't come to their attention in the way you'd expect. (Getty)
But the product apparently first came to Kate in a rather unlikely way - in fact, according to the founder of the royally-approved skincare empire Leila Aalam, it was actually smuggled into the Palace in its first instance.
Speaking to HELLO!, Aalam explained that her mother's close school friend worked in Kensington Palace, helping to add personal homely touches for the royals, including putting up their Christmas tree.
"I said to [her mother's friend] 'If I give you a big box could you give it to Kate?' And he was like 'Yeah, give me the box and I will see what I can do.'," the skincare guru explained.
And while she didn't necessarily expect anything to come from the delivery, she later discovered that Kate had indeed taken very fondly to the products, using three of them at a time!
Does this explain the secret behind Kate's enviable glowing skin? (Getty)
Leila's mum's friend turned-magical deliverer came back to her with the exciting news: "I wasn't really expecting too much and then he told me 'The bottles that you gave me, there were three on Kate's nightstand!'"
While it would be tough to ever confirm that Leila's sneaky delivery into the Palace walls was where Kate's love for the product originated, it's clear that they must work a treat - Kate's skin is always picture perfect.
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Products sent the traditional way to Kensington Palace are usually not allowed inside its walls, in fact, Leila said she had already had a parcel she attempted to send there rejected.
"It's very tight-knit. If you sent in a parcel in the normal way, most of them get rejected and get sent back and they say 'Sorry they can't be sent brand products because they can't be seen to promote it'," she told HELLO!.
Kate's glow is undeniable. (Getty)
Earlier this year, Kate was also spotted using a lip balm that we immediately rushed to get our mitts on.
Yep, Kate whipped out a tube of Clarins' Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector as she watched a tennis match at the Wimbledon Championships, and thus the beauty-sphere collectively lost it.
Picking the perfect shade of rose shimmer, the glossy lip gel was already a popular product, but Kate's most definitely convinced us to make it our go-to for the forseeable future.

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