You can buy JLo's favourite $15 beauty product while you do your weekly grocery shop

We'll have whatever she's having!

By Rebecca Sullivan
At 49 years old, it seems Jennifer Lopez just does not age.
The actor and singer is at the top of her game, starring in hit Hollywood movies like Second Act and is currently on tour in the US, yet even with a schedule that exhausts us just at a glance, she always manages to look well-rested, healthy and glowy.
Of course, J.Lo no doubt has help from an array of expensive experts to ensure her inner and outer health is always on point, but a new revelation from her makeup artist of almost 20 years has proven that even though she's one of the richest celebs in Hollywood, Jenny From The Block still loves a cheap beauty buy.
Scott Barnes first worked with J.Lo in 2000, doing her makeup for a cover photoshoot with InStyle magazine.
Now he travels all over the world with the mother-of-two, ensuring her makeup always looks flawless.
And in a new video with beauty YouTube vlogger Tati Westbrook, who has five million subscribers, Scott has revealed his favourite cheap beauty product is Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen SPF 50+.
"My favorite drugstore product is Neutrogena ... I use this Neutrogena spray," Scott told a shocked Tati in this video, who couldn't believe such a seasoned professional would use such a cheap product.
The spray-on sunscreen retails for $14 and is available at supermarkets and pharmacies around the country.
J.Lo looks amazing - even without makeup. Instagram
But Scott uses the sunscreen spray as a body illuminator, instead of sunscreen.
He sprays the product across the chest, arms and legs to create a natural glow that looks amazing on camera - something that's crucial when your clients are constantly being photographed.
While the glow is undeniable, the added sun protection is an extra bonus and a crucial aspect of skincare Scott is super passionate about.
"I'm big on 'Don't go in the sun'," Scott said.
"Everybody, save your skin. Make sure if you're going to go out in the sun, make sure you have a lot of SPF on, like Neutrogena, as I talk about all the time, because you want to save your skin not just from skin cancer, but from looking haggard," he said.
"As much as the sun gives you vitamin D, it can also rob you of your beauty."
The star all glammed up on the red carpet at the CFDA Fashion Awards. Getty
Scott recently opened up about exactly what it's like working with J.Lo and it sounds amazing, but incredibly exhausting.
"In the last 48 hours, we did her All I Have show in Vegas, got on a private flight to Los Angeles after the show at 1am, got in at 2am, started a music video at 8am, shot until 3am, then went home and slept for three hours before we got up and drove to Vegas before she flew in so I could have her glam room ready by the time she arrived," he told Refinery29 last year.
"My job doesn't stop when the show starts either. Jennifer does 12 costume changes, and she does makeup changes, too. A minute and 30 seconds is the longest we have.
"Backstage, it looks like we're on speed — I'm running after her and reapplying her makeup really fast or blotting away any sweat or oil.
"But Jennifer is a showwoman; she loves the art of entertaining and taking you out of your reality. For two hours, you are watching this woman work. She gives her all to everything she does, whether it's beauty, clothing, a movie, music, anything."
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Scott says that over the past 19 years, the newly-engaged pop star has become more than a client, and is now a close friend.
"We've been through marriages, divorces, and babies together," he said.
"Just the other day, I was at [her kids] Emme and Max's 10th birthday party. I said to Emme, 'It's so funny, I did your first magazine cover.' I pulled up the People cover I did with Jennifer when she was one year old. It's been amazing to see them grow up.
"But Jennifer doesn't let them get caught up in this weird celebrity world. She never loses perspective on what's important. And that is a beautiful thing."

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