Erin Molan hilariously sharing her beauty blunder has been all of us, so here’s how to avoid it

Three easy steps.

By Maddison Hockey
The application of fake tan is an art form.
Perfecting a routine can be a gruelling process of trial and error easily upheaved by the smallest factor like a change in soap brands.
Even once you lock down your prep, application and upkeep methods things can go awry.
It's a pain Channel Nine star Erin Molan seemingly knows all too well, hilariously sharing her tan faux pas with her followers on Instagram.
The doting mum and TV presenter shared a photograph from a shoot with the Daily Telegraph and with the exception of one extremity, she's absolutely glowing.
"PSA: tan your hands 🙌 😂🤦♀️" Erin captioned the post you can peep here.
Erin shared a snap with the fake tan faux pas on her Instagram, but here she's nailing it. (Instagram)
We've all been there.
However, there's an easy trick to nailing tan application when it comes to tricky areas like your hands and feet.
Prep and scarcity is key, meaning moisturising beforehand is essential as well as using minimal amounts of tanning product on these areas.
"People will often put their hands in a claw [shape] and pump mousse onto the mitt and then tan their hands. The skin on your hands and feet is so absorbent, so you just need the tiniest amount of tan," Isle of Paradise founder, Jules Von Hep told Beauty Crew.

Instead of applying another squeeze of lotion or pump of mousse, she suggests you use what is already soaked into your application mitt and residual product on your skin."Just use the tan that you already have on the rest of your body and sweep it down onto your hands, and that's more than enough product."
Another revolutionary trick comes in the application of a SECOND coat of moisturiser, before your tan starts developing.
"This smooths everything out and makes your tan more even by softening the amount of product on your hands and feet."
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