Deborah Hutton shares a photo update following her frightening health scare: "I'm healing well"

''Don't delay. Don't stuff around with your health!"

By Rebecca Sullivan
Australian TV presenter and former magazine editor Deborah Hutton has shared a raw image of her face after undergoing skin cancer removal surgery, in the hope her story will serve as a warning to others to stay out of the sun and get their skin checked.
Last week, the 58-year-old posted a photo of herself on Instagram, showing up close the large skin cancer she had cut out of her face recently and the significant number of stitches she required.
"After having the stitches out from another major surgery to remove 2 skin cancers, and being extreme grateful they've got it all, I feel it's only right to remind you to get your SKIN CHECKED!" Deb wrote on Instagram earlier this month.
She explained her large skin cancer was luckily caught by her dermatologist, although the skin looked perfectly healthy on the surface.
"To look at the area around my nose prior to surgery, nothing was visible to the naked eye. Only my dermatologist flagged it months earlier," she said.
"My skin will heal and in the coming months you'll hardly see the scar. Skin heals beautifully but only if you give it the chance before it's too late. Extremely grateful to my surgeon and the nurses who looked after me. Early detection is everything!! Don't delay. So don't stuff around with your health!"
Deborah posted this photo of her skin cancer scar as a warning to others to get their skin checked. Image: Instagram
Deborah posted this photo update, showing her followers how well her skin cancer scar has healed. Image: Instagram
And now Deb has posted a second photo update, which you can see above, showing how well her scar is healing.
"I'm healing well," she updated her followers on Thursday night.
"Thank you so much for your support and the stories you've shared of similar experiences. It's overwhelming reading about the damage caused from over exposure to the sun.
"This is such an important message for all of us to be mindful and be active... Don't delay in getting your skin checked early and getting it checked often. Prevention is everything!"
Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Health experts recommend we wear sunscreen everyday, ideally with an SPF of 50, even during winter and on days when it is cloudy.
Deborah Hutton has previously hosted shows including Location Location and Getaway. Image: Instagram
Deborah, who is an ambassador for the Skin Cancer Foundation Inc, is not married and does not have any children.
She has previously opened up about her single status, revealing she finds love and meaning through other relationships.
"My friends are my family," she told The Australian Women's Weekly in 2019.
"Because I never really had a true sense of immediate family, my friendships are everything to me. They anchor me and help me feel secure.
"It's different for me. I am not married and I don't have children. Friendships take on a very different meaning to you if you don't have your own family."
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