Mum's rave review of cult new stretch mark cream: "I am blown away with the results"

''I am grateful and beginning to feel more confident with how I look and feel.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Stretch marks, acne and cellulite are never fun, but they're a normal part of life most of us have to deal with at some point.
Yet try as we might to love our bodies just the way they are, sometimes it doesn't hurt to call on the help of some A-grade beauty products to solve our body woes.
And now thousands of Australian women are currently raving about one hot new product they say works miracles on stretch marks and acne, Bangn Body's $48 Firming Body Lotion.
Founded by Aussie woman Priscilla Hajantoni, Bangn Body has been taking off online, with the 18-month-old brand already clocking up 134,000 followers on Instagram and hoards of fans who are proudly showing off their incredible before-and-after results photos on social media.

The cream contains coconut oil, sunflower oil, jojoba seed oil, aloe vera leaf oil, shea butter, green coffee bean extract, avocado oil and pineapple fruit extract and claims to reduce cellulite, stretch marks and scarring, as well as help firm and tighten the skin.
It comes in a distinct yellow tube and thanks to the pineapple extract, smells divine, like you've been transported to a remote tropical island.
Bangn Body's famous Firming Body Lotion has become a cult favourite product online. Instagram
The tube costs $48 and is available to purchase from Bangn Body's website. Instagram
New mum Sammy* bought the cream in the hope it would reduce the stretch marks she acquired after giving birth and was totally "blown away" by the results.
"Before falling pregnant, my skin was always so taut and firm. I always loved my skin. During my pregnancy, my skin stretched a whole heap and mentally, I really struggled," she wrote in her rave review online.
"My sister saw my emotions run high during this time and introduced me to this yellow tube of magic towards the end of my pregnancy. I began using Bangn Body as soon as I got my hands on it, however I felt deflated as I kept seeing such harsh stretch marks and believed that nothing will make it go away."
Sammy's stretch marks before (left) and after (right) using Bangn Body. Supplied
Sammy has a happy, healthy baby and that was always her priority, but she still wanted to feel like herself. After using the cream for a few weeks, she says she feels so much more confident.
"I am blown away with the results at my stretched skin," she said.
"My stretch marks have turned from red, ugly and purple to almost clear and translucent. They were so deep and harsh, whereas now they are smooth and almost invisible. I thought I had no hope, however I do now ... only because of your product!
"It smells absolutely delicious and considering the results from how I was to how I am now, I am so proud of the masterminds behind Bangn Body as you have given us all hope to a more confident outlook on our new mummy bodies. Mentally, I am grateful and beginning to feel more confident with how I look and feel."
Before (left) and after (right). Supplied
Another Bangn Body convert is Tiaani Hema, 16, who has suffered from acne she was 11 years old.
After being diagnosed with hormonal and cystic acne by a dermatologist, she spent hundreds of dollars on skincare trying to fix her skin, but nothing had ever worked.
She saw an ad for Bangn Body on Instagram and saw the hundreds of positive reviews online, so decided to give it a try.
"After two days of using it morning and night I saw a slight change then after 6-7 days my skin had completely cleared," Tianni told Now To Love.
"My skin has changed dramatically and I now feel so much more confident to go school and work without makeup. I could not be more happy with my results."
Tiana's acne improved dramatically in just a week. These photos were taken seven days apart! Supplied
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You can find out more about Bangn Body here.
*Name has been changed.

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