The cheap eye cream that MAFS' Martha Kalifatidis swears by

And it's only $18!

By Rebecca Sullivan
If you're anything like us - overworked, overtired adults just trying to function every day on very little sleep - you're probably sporting a couple of whopper bags under your eyes, and we're guessing like ours, they're not designer.
Dark circles, under eye bags and fine lines are the bane of every busy woman's existence and they're one of the hardest skin issues to treat.
That's because - and we're sorry to be the bearers of bad news - but eye bags are usually caused by genetics, a lack of sleep and dietary problems.
The skin under our eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of our faces and it contains fewer oil glands, meaning it's more susceptible to looking, well, old.
This is where eye creams come in. They're made especially for this delicate skin and our under eyes just can't get enough of them.
But annoyingly, most eye creams (or the good ones, anyway) are outrageously expensive. Like, Estee Lauder makes an amazing one, but it's $105 and that's just not in our budget.
Enter Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis - yes, the gorgeous Greek one with the fake boobs, filler and Botox.
Martha from MAFS has carved out an unlikely career for herself as a beauty influencer. Instagram
Martha's been dubbed "Kmart Kim" thanks to her striking similarity to Kim Kardashian. Instagram
Since the show wrapped, Martha has carved out an unlikely career for herself on Instagram as a bit of a beauty influencer, with fans always desperate to know what products the gorgeous makeup artist is using.
And no matter what you might think of Martha and her penchant for a thirsty bikini selfie or cheeky topless pic, there's no denying the girl has killer skin.
We'll have whatever she's having, kthanxbai.
So when she took to her Instagram stories last night to give her followers a blow-by-blow of her current skincare regimen, we were all ears.
And it was her favourite eye cream that caught the attention of our sunken under-eyes, because it's by a brand that we've actually been testing for weeks here at Now To Love.
WATCH BELOW: Everything you need to know about budget skincare brand The Ordinary. Story continues after video.
Introducing the new budget skincare brand, The Inkey List.
Dubbed the new The Ordinary, this line launched in Sephora about a month ago and it's quickly earning millions of fans thanks to its amazing prices - there is NOTHING over $22.
The packaging is simple and the ingredients are clearly listed, so skincare dummies are able to learn on the job.
And one of their most popular products so far is their Caffeine Under-Eye Serum, which costs $18 from Sephora. That's pretty damn cheap for an eye cream.
"This serum is derived from coffee and helps to reduce dark circles and fine lines," the brand claims.
"As caffeine is a diuretic it works to relieve water retention which can be a major cause of puffiness under the eyes. Caffeine serum also helps to prevent skin damage from free radicals which can make dark circles more pronounced."
It also contains squalane, a known hydrating ingredient and jojoba esters, a byproduct of jojoba oil.
The Inkey List products come in chic black-and-white packaging with minimal graphics. Supplied
So what does Martha have to say about this eye cream, exactly?
"Never have my under eyes looked so good on four hours sleep," she wrote on Instagram.
A snippet from Martha's Instagram stories of some of the skincare products she uses. Instagram
Martha says this eye cream helps her look awake...when she definitely is not. Instagram
As for us, we found the serum is perfect as a daytime eye product because it keeps the area hydrated and goes on nicely under makeup.
For nighttime, you might want something a little stronger with active ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C.
That Estee Lauder eye cream is the best on the market, so if you've got a spare $105 lying around or you're a fan of AfterPay, it's totally worth taking the financial plunge.

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