Cate Blanchett's secret for clear skin is certainly unexpected

Although she's certainly onto something.

By Amber Manto
She’s the long-time ambassador for skincare brand SK-II but the way Cate Blanchett recommends getting that flawless glow is only partly to do with her favourite beauty products.
Chatting with Popsugar, she says one of the best ways anyone can refresh their skin is by stress-reduction, either by massage, a good holiday or… a little bedroom sexy time.
“Anything that increases the blood circulation to relax your face [is good], because we carry so much stress in our face. You can always tell when someone has either had sex or gone on a holiday, because their skin looks better and their face is relaxed."
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Of course that’s not her only recommendation for a glowing complexion, although her other commandments are slightly more conventional.
1. Be consistent: "Find something that works and stick to it." For Cate that's been SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence, $210. "I've been using it for 15 years," she added.
2. Layer your products: “I used to think, 'Oh, do you really need a serum?' Your skin drinks in all these things and they work in combination.”
3. Exfoliation is key: “You can't treat a problem unless you get the top layer of dead skin off, and we're constantly covered in dead skin,” says Cate, who uses a exfoliant by Dermalogica. “I exfoliate every day if I'm filming, because you spend the entire day in makeup.”
4. Stay hydrated while flying: Cate uses a spray facial oil, as well as good old-fashioned water to stop her skin from becoming dehydrated while cruising at high altitude.
5. Cut back on caffeine Try to go without your daily coffee some mornings and take note of how it makes. “I know when I don't have coffee my skin is much better."