Cate Blanchett’s favourite beauty brand proves itself reliable under pressure!

The actress has long hailed this skin elixir as the secret to her youthful complexion.

Cate Blanchett is almost as famous for her flawless skin as she is her leading roles.
The 48-year-old Australian actress has been a long-time fan and ambassador of skincare brand SK-II, in particular its hero product, Facial Treatment Essence.
Speaking of the beauty range recently, and explaining why she doesn't believe in skincare trends and fads, Cate said: “I'm very interested in fashion, but not when it comes to skincare. Each month, there seems to be a new product or a new theory — new this, a new that. Find something that works and stick to it. For me it's been the Facial Treatment Essence, and I've been using it for 15 years.”
What’s unique about the essence, or “miracle water” as it's known to fans, is that it contains more than 90 per cent Pitera™, a fermented yeast-based ingredient that was first discovered in a sake brewery in the 1970s. The clear liquid is rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that dramatically improve skin clarity, softness, radiance and rejuvenation. As such, the ingredient is often regarded as one of the most best anti-ageing heroes in the world.
The face of someone who knows the secret to eternal youth!
But don't just take Cate's word for it, the brand recently put its star skincare product through the wringer — in the most extreme beauty road-test we've ever heard of!
SK-II and National Geographic joined forces on the Face the Wild project, which saw four international celebrities — LA-based fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, Japanese actress Kasumi Arimura, Chinese actress Nini and Korean actress and boxer Lee Siyoung — put SK-II Facial Treatment Essence through its paces in some of the most extreme climates ever, such as the Anza-Borrego Desert in southern California and the Yanbaru jungle in Japan.
The result? The proof is in the Pitera™. All four celebs were photographed straight after their expeditions in extreme conditions — that included sub-zero temperatures, harsh UV, dryness, sweltering heat and pollution — and guess what? Their skin was unfazed. Better yet, it was flawless.
Watch the video below to see the results for yourself:
So now we know that SK-II can cope with extreme temps and Hollywood red carpets, we guess it's safe to assume that it can deal with whatever we throw at it in daily life!
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