Winter glow is the new summer glow: These are the best face tanning products for a healthy, natural look

No more Oompa Loompa.

By Faye Couros
If there is ever a time to maintain the last remnants of your summer tan, it's now.
While a hint of summer is still in the air you can keep your glow well into winter with some very handy products.
Enter, face tan.
No, we're not talking about that Oompa Loompa-style orange-hued look that many have fallen prey to over the years.
These days, numerous beauty brands have concocted some amazing natural products that give your face a vibrant, healthy and realistic glow.
For many Australian women, we feel more confident when our skin is sun-kissed and glowing from days at the beach. Though it's entirely a personal preference - light, milky pale skin is also just as beautiful!
These days face tans use top quality technology to ensure even coverage that works with your skin to suit your perfect colour to avoid looking orange.
If that wasn't good enough, many products also offer moisturising ingredients that soften the skin, blur fine lines and reduces inflammation, which means you are doing more for yourself than just bronzing your skin.
There are plenty of brands on the Australian beauty shelf that use high-quality ingredients and gleaming colours that are easy to apply. Regardless if you prefer a gradual or an instant tan or if you like drops that you can put in your moisturiser or cream, there will be something that will make you feel golden and effervescent all year round.