No need for an expensive facial: Here's how to exfoliate mature skin to soften fine lines and reduce pigmentation

It's a must for any competent beauty routine!

By Faye Couros
Thanks to the world collectively improving its skincare game, we have more products, variety, and problem-solving potions than ever.
But there is one holy grail beauty must that ranks higher than its peers and it's an exfoliator.
However, we aren't talking about those standard ones with micro-beads - in fact we actively encourage beauty lovers to walk as far away from those nuisances as possible.
Instead, we're talking about chemical exfoliants that are gentle and eat away at dead skin sitting on the surface of your face.
These acid serums and peels are usually formulated with BHAs and AHAs, which lower the skin's PH and dissolve and digest (yes, digest) the cells from the surface to the deeper layers of your skin.
You can incorporate a clay mask into the mix for even better results to extract impurities hidden beneath.
Beauty experts often encourage blemished and clogged pored teenagers to invest in exfoliators and clay masks. But they are also effective on mature skin as the products promote cell renewal, which improves skin tone, boosts circulation, brightens and reduces fine lines.
Be careful, though - overuse will cause adverse effects. Ease your skin into exfoliation by using it once a week and increasing it to twice a week after 14 days.
Here are the best exfoliators and clay masks to revive your skin.
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