Fact or fiction? We bust these old-fashioned beauty myths

Does rinsing you hair in beer really make it shiny?

By Kelsey Ferencak
We have all heard those old wives tales about swimming after you eat or that eating carrots will help you see better, and even those rumours are false, everyone still remembers them.
Beauty myths are a classic example of what your mum tells you might not actually be true, but have stood the test of time and keep getting passed around.
We get down to the nitty gritty of the most common myths, and separate the facts from the fiction, because no-one wants to be using baking soda on their teeth if they don't have to.

FACT: You can’t smell your own perfume

Weirdly, wearing the same perfume every day can cause you to become immune to the scent. It’s also been said that it’s a sign it suits you, because the fragrance has a good reaction with your pheromones.
But that doesn’t mean other people can’t smell it – so remember not to overdo it. A spritz on your wrists, collarbone and inner elbow will do the trick.
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MYTH: Plucking one grey hair means two will grow back

Pulling out grey hairs won’t encourage more to grow but it won’t do your mane any good either. If you’re a serial plucker, you run the risk of damaging the hair follicle so much, eventually the hair won’t grow back at all.
Instead of turning to the tweezers, go for a temporary root cover, because the wand allows you to disguise regrowth and target single strands.
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MYTH: Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker and darker

A myth that just won’t die. We can categorically confirm once and for all that shaving won’t change the thickness or colour of your body hair – you’re essentially just trimming the hair. After you shave, the hair grows back with a blunt end rather than its naturally tapered finish, which is why it appears darker and feels thicker.
If you’ve noticed the pigment and thickness of your hair changing for real, it’s due to hormones, not your razor, so speak to your GP.

FACT: Baking soda whitens teeth

It’s true! A mix of equal parts baking soda and water applied with a toothbrush is abrasive enough to remove surface stains and make your teeth appear whiter.
But if you’re keen to remove older or deeper stains it’s probably best to see the pros.

MYTH: Rinsing your hair in beer will make it shiny

Even though beer contains protein, which could make your hair feel more full, it also contains alcohol, which is super-drying.
For healthy, glossy locks, try a moisturising serum that promotes hydration and shine.
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FACT: Nail polish turns your nails yellow

Because nails are so porous they can absorb some highly pigmented polishes, causing them to stain your nails.
It’s easy to avoid though – just make sure you always use a base coat before painting your nails.
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MYTH: You can alter the size of your pores

Pore size comes down to genetics, so it’s impossible to alter their size. The idea of using steam to “open” them and cold water to “close” them isn’t true either.
However, you can minimise their appearance. Look for blurring serums or primers that give an airbrushed finish to your skin and work to disguise pores.
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MYTH: You can repair split ends

Unfortunately, the damage is done. The only way to be rid of split ends is to chop them off.
You can improve your hair’s appearance, though, with a conditioning hair mask or serum to seal and smooth.
Try: Toni & Guy Damage Repair Hair Mask, $15.99, toniandguy.com.au

MYTH: You hair will eventually wash itself

Washing your hair every day strips your locks of natural oils, which can promote greasy roots because your scalp is trying to overcompensate for the sebum you’ve washed away.
Although your natural oil is great for hair, it won’t necessarily “wash” it. To help your locks maintain natural moisture and oils, use a gentle cleanser.
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