Enough to the puff! We've found the best remedies to banish stubborn under-eye swelling

Fake a good night's sleep, even if you haven't had it.

By Faye Couros
To try and de-puff our tired eyes, we can all attest to failed attempts from freezing spoons, resting cucumbers on our eyes, at-home massages, and even rolling ice cubes along the skin.
It's hard to say if those DIY techniques had any real results because we can all swear that one time the frozen spoon did, in fact, slightly reduce the issue.
The ageing process increases swelling around the eye, and the Mayo Clinic attributes this change to the muscles around the eyelids weakening. As a result, the surrounding fat can't move to the lower eyelids as easily.
However, there are plenty of other facts which can contribute to this skin ailment: like fluid retention, dehydration, diet (salt is not your friend), lack of sleep, smoking, and it's also a heredity issue that can run in the family or specific genetics.
Environmental issues can make it hard for people to beat the puff. For example, daily activities like staring at a blue screen for extended periods can strain blood vessels around the eyes. Too much sun exposure can also cause damage to the area because of its harmful rays and dehydrating effects.
Because ice cubes simply won't do, we have found seven unique and incredible products that will gently work with you to soothe the puffiness under your eyes.