From anti-aging to acne, we ask an expert how to make the most of our skincare in isolation

Any excuse for pampering.

By Maddison Hockey
When it comes to our usual, busy, everyday lives, it's easy for our skincare routines to take a backseat.
And while isolation hasn't exactly freed up all of our time (we're still cooking, cleaning and home schooling) we've definitely found a little extra "me time" to dedicate to important things, like our skin.
You may be wondering where to begin. In fact, like us, you may have a lot of questions.
What are the best ways to combat aging? How do we use isolation to clear up aggravated skin? Should we be changing our skincare in isolation at all?
We ask all of these burning questions, and more, of NIVEA's skincare expert, Ken Lee.
Follow in Chrissy Teigen's steps and put in some TLC. Image: Instagram
What are your top tips for making the most of the time in lockdown?
"If you've already completed all of your housework, mastered every recipe, baked immensely for the family and still have some time on your hands - here are some tips that you can try," Ken says.
  • Create an at-home honey sugar lip scrub by mixing one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar. This natural and simple lip scrub will not only keep you busy but also prep you for the dry winter season.
  • Indulge in some of your favourite skincare masks.
  • Extend your knowledge of the ingredients used in some of your favourite skincare products. You probably have a really good idea of what products you love to use daily, but do you know what's actually in them? Reading up on the ingredients can assist you in further understanding how they work.
An under eye mask always works a treat, just ask Lisa and Tommy. Image: Instagram
Should your skincare routine change because you're indoors more?
"Since most people are now working from home, the skin may tend to change as you are not exposing the skin to air-pollutants, dirt, and bacteria," Ken explained.
"If you are wondering whether you should be changing your skincare routine now that you are working from home, that is entirely up to you.
"Depending on your skin type, changing your usual routine may or may not be required.
"Analyse your skin by looking for any changes, new or familiar skin concerns and textures.
"By doing this, you will be able to figure out whether your skincare routine may need to be adjusted."
Should we be compensating for a lack of vitamin D while in lockdown?
"Being indoors due to the current environmental situation we are in, your skin may lack in Vitamin D due to less sun exposure," Ken said.
"Try adding a day cream that includes Vitamin D as this helps in skin cell growth, repair and prevents the skin from prematurely ageing."
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Any tips for those who usually rely on treatments, but can't make their usual appointments?
For those of us who rely on treatments to keep our skin in shape, Ken has some at-home solutions:
  • Try using a day and night cream in the meantime to keep the skin hydrated
  • A plumping lip balm can assist in keeping the lips hydrated and smooth, especially as we're now approaching winter.
  • Sheet masks are a great way to ensure your skin is cleansed, clear and radiant. The NIVEA Urban Skin Detox Sheet Mask is my favourite for ensuring you're keeping your skin cleansed and free of any dirt and bacteria.
NIVEA's Urban Skin Detox sheet mask. Image: Nivea
We also love Aceology's Green T masks. Image: Aceology
How do we best combat the signs of aging?
"There are several ways you can continue to keep up with your anti-ageing skincare routine throughout this social distancing period," Ken said.
Some of his top tips include:
  • Hydration: "Keep your face hydrated by using a serum and/or facial oil. Skin dehydration is the quickest way to accentuate fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores, as well as leaving your skin dull and uneven."
  • Moisturise: "Your skin is prone to getting drier as you age, so a good daily facial moisturiser is a must. Try using a moisturiser that is not too light, not too heavy and that will last the full day."
  • Stay out of the sun: "Try as much as possible to keep the skin covered from the sun. Sunbaking can leave your skin feeling and looking tight and dehydrated. Staying out of the sun will prevent the skin from all harsh natural environments and prevent the skin from fine lines and wrinkles."
  • Keep up with your skin regime: "Maintaining a good skincare regimen and adjusting your skincare needs as you get older is essential. As you start to age, your skin will need something else to continue to keep it looking its best. Continue to analyse your skin as you get older and adjust your routine."
Zoe Foster-Blake's skincare brand Go-To has created a cult face oil. Image: Go-To
What are you best tips for clearing skin up given it's a good time to be make-up free?
"When it comes to clear skin, sticking to an effective skincare routine is key," Ken explained.
Here are some of his top tips to consistently keep the skin clear, saying goodbye to bumps and blemishes:
Tip 1: Use a cleanser that removes dirt to purify your skin's appearance and keep it healthy and soft.
Tip 2: Tight clothing and sweat can make the pores on your back more prone to becoming blocked. Wear looser clothing and wash your back regularly with an exfoliating scrub to avoid this.
Tip 3: Ensure that you remove all rough and dry skin cells with an exfoliator. Keeping your pores clear helps prevent blemishes from forming. It also helps your moisturiser be more absorbent, which, improves the overall appearance of your skin. Try exfoliating twice a week by applying a facial scrub in circular motions and gently scrubbing the skin.