Angie Kent spills on the “injectables and treatments” she has done as part of her $27K annual beauty bill

''I’m mad for a little bit of Botox.''

By Maddison Hockey
Staving off the signs of ageing with Botox and injectables has become common practice in the modern age. But only in recent years has the stigma of having "a little work done" started to dissipate.
Helping to push the conversation forward, the always candid former Bachelorette star Angie Kent has spoken openly about the treatments she has and extent she goes to to maintain her image.
In a new interview with Body & Soul the reality star talked about the transition from "sitting on my couch in my PJs to wearing a fancy dress with my hair and make-up professionally done," that came with fame.
Australia fell in love with Angie on The Bachelorette. (Instagram/Channel Ten)
After discussing exactly what Angie does to make herself feel good, a mindset we can all get behind, the publication did the exact math on what her self-care bill would total - $26,700.
The eye-watering sum covers everything from laser hair removal and a weekly mani-pedi to teeth whitening and your typical six-weekly hair appointment.
As for the more invasive treatments, the 30-year-old has always been open and honest about getting work done.
"I'm a huge fan of ageing gracefully, but I'm also a massive fan of injectables and treatments," she told the publication.
"I've been open about getting the same work done for the past five years. I've been honest about getting Botox. In fact, I'm mad for a little bit of Botox. I'd never not have it."
Angie's always been open about her beauty treatments. (Instagram)
The former Gogglebox star keeps her complexion glowing with Clear + Brilliant laser treatment, LED light therapy, regular facials, skin needling, vampire facials, Botox and fillers.
While it far surpasses our Sunday night face mask routine, we're all for doing what makes you feel good - a message Angie took to Instagram to share as her cover story went on sale this Sunday.
"This photoshoot was so out of my normal Angie steeze and came at such a great time when I was feeling like balls during my breakup," she began.
"However, I do feel the headline on the front cover is a bit 'clickbaity' and very much not how I would go about saying, ladies 'you do you.'"
"I am a huge believer in celebrating women and all the effort they have to put in to sometimes fit this idea of a 'glow up' or just how much freakin effort that goes into getting ready for work or a cheeky night out or even a sh--t date."