Victoria Beckham's make-up artist spills her top 5 secrets for youthful-looking skin

If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my make-up artist.

By Alex Lilly
Want to know the secret to fresh, youthful skin? Well, you're in luck because Wendy Rowe, the A-list make-up artist for Victoria Beckham has revealed her top five secrets that will make you look years younger.
And if you loved her beauty look at Harry and Meghan's recent wedding, Rowe has her top tips for achieving the same look.
And if they're good enough for VB, they're certainly good enough for us! Take a look at Rowe's top tips that you can try out at home.

1. Start fresh

Before you get started with your beauty routine, Rowe says your skin has to be clean.
Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, the make-up artist to the stars said, "Prep is massive. I cleanse and then tone with the Decléor Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist for a nice feeling of freshness – and then I can check out of anything's wrong and what I need to fix."
In March, Victoria announced she was starting her own skincare line, and as someone who has spoken out about her past acne issues, we can't wait to see what's to come. Especially as she revealed her hubby David often pinches her beauty products!
You can buy Decléor Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist for just AU$27.45.

2. Plump up those lips

Posh by name, posh by nature! Rowe revealed that Victoria loves a flat matte nude, but lately she's been over-lining her lips to give herself a proper pout.
"We use Burberry Lip Colour Contour [to create] a fuller lip in the middle, which gives you the same polished feeling of a lipstick but without looking like you've got lipstick on."

3. Add an arch to your brows

Back in the day, the former Spice Girl opted for a straight brow. But Rowe says that now she goes for a subtle arch which not only opens up her eyes, but also softens her features and takes years off her face.

4. Make it fabulous with the right foundation

No cake-face here! Victoria used to be a big fan of contouring, but for younger looking skin, Rowe says it's all about keeping it fresh and light.
"Victoria has great skin, and I use my Burberry favourites: Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base (AU$70.00) and Burberry Cashmere Concealer (AU$60.00)."

5. Get that Spice Girls smoky eye

Posh Spice certainly loves a smoky eye, but lately she's been toning it down with a more sophisticated version.
"We do dark kohl around the base of the lash [line], keeping the eyelid quite open and then do several coats of mascara for super-long, voluminous lashes," Rowe says.
"I also use a beige eyeliner to widen the eye."