Glowing up without the guilt: These are the best vegan makeup brands you can buy right now in Australia

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By Jess Pullar
In a world where vegetarianism and veganism grows ever stronger, so too does the practice behind the lifestyle.
It's no secret that veganism doesn't solely stretch to what one puts on their plate.
Of course, an entirely plant-based diet is a core element to living a vegan lifestyle - but there is so much more to it than that.
We're talking clothing, furniture, hell, even our stationary isn't always vegan-friendly.
And something else that's largely missed, something that is not-so-easily thought of when it comes to veganism is makeup.
Indeed, the world of beauty is flooded with products for any and every circumstance.
But if you're looking to extend your vegan practices to your makeup routine too, or even if you're not vegan but want products without any animal traces in them, you'll be pleased to know the vegan makeup market is flourishing.
While ingredients like lanolin, shellac and glycerine are rife in the non-vegan market (more non-vegan ingredients to avoid are on this list here, there's a whole new world of innovative companies bringing cruelty-free, animal friendly products to our literal doorsteps.
Keep scrolling as we look at the best vegan makeup brands money can buy right now in Australia.