The BEST false eyelash hack you need right now

This is a game-changer.

Every man and his dog knows how tricky false eyelashes can be. One minute you’re trying to apply a falsie to your lash line and the next you’ve glued your left hand together.
Yet, despite the level of difficulty, we all find ourselves getting back on the false eyelash bandwagon in a bid to make our eyes look bigger.
But now, one genius Reddit user by the name of eraser_dust has come up with a genius false eyelash hack for small eyes.
Firstly, the beauty guru trims the lashes about two thirds of the way along. "A lot of false lashes aren't designed for my smaller and differently-shaped Asian eyes, so this is how I modify them to fit my eyes better," she said.
"For Asian eyes, I find that letting the lashes cover your entire lash line often ends up looking odd (think lashes pointing in weird directions thanks to how your lids bend them), and it's sometimes even uncomfortable."
Once you’ve trimmed your lashes and applied them, you’re left with a sizeable chunk of lashes. “What I normally do is attach it with a lash glue to the outer edge of my lashes, so that it's thicker in the outer corners."
Rather than letting it go to waste, eraser_dust then applies the leftover third over the lashes in the corner. GENIUS!
Now, someone bring us a mirror stat so we can test this hack out.
This article was originally published on Cosmopolitan Australia*