Oprah reveals her most hated haircut ever

She's been around the hairstyling block once or twice in her career, but you'll never guess which hairstyle Oprah loathed the most!

She’s been the Queen of the screen for more than 30 years, and she’s seen more than her fair share of hairdos come and go!

But now Oprah Winfrey’s hairstylist, Andre Walker, who has been styling Oprah's hair since they met in 1985, has revealed which hairstyle the host hated most.

Speaking to People magazine, Andre revealed that 1987’s layered bob was an all-round disaster.

“Layered bobs were so popular then and I cut it so short where it sat right at her cheek line,” Andrew says.

“She hated it, and I thought it was the greatest thing because it was a trendy hairstyle. Now, looking back at the photo she was absolutely right,” said Andre.

But it’s not only layered bobs that have gotten the thumbs down from the television queen. Updos are also banned, reveals Andre.

“She was going to a black-tie event and I had this idea for an updo,” said Andre.

“I finally did it and she looked in the mirror when it was finished and said ‘I’m not going to the prom! I’m not the prom queen! What did you do to my hair?’ So I fixed it, but let’s just say she’s not very fond of updos.”

Check out some of Oprah’s most hair-raising ‘dos!

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