5 ways makeup can help you look younger

Fewer products, fewer problems.

By Amber Elias
There's no question makeup can transform your look but as the years roll on, it's easy to get stuck in a routine rut. What perhaps made you look great before is now working against you - making you look older. Not to worry, these five tips will help you tweak your routine and stop the ageing process in its track – well, not literally, but it will help you look younger.

1. Choose the right mascara formula

Skip: Volumising mascara
As we age, our hair can become sparser and this includes out eyelashes and brows. Some volumising mascaras can make short lashes clump together, and they often have large, fluffy brushes which are hard to manoeuvre around lashes.
Try: Tubing mascara
This mascara uses a special formula that coats each lash in a gel, which then dries and is removed with warm water. Known for being smudge-proof, tubing mascaras also boast small brushes and lengthening formulas, making it easy to comb through and coat every lash, making them look longer.

2. Steer clear of certain cheek products

Skip: Bronzer
Skin loses elastin and collagen over time, and this can make our cheeks sag. The good news is this can make your cheekbones standout, giving your face a sculpted look. Bronzers can often make us look muddy (or orange) and don’t always work to enhance your cheeks.
Try: Highlighting blush
Add blush to your cheekbones, underneath your eyes (aim for your iris) for a flush of natural colour. Look for a rose or peach colour with a pearl or sheen to take advantage of your bone structure. Skip smiling when you apply it too, so you get the right placement.

3. Arm yourself with brushes

Skip: Hands
Although it might seem easier to apply products with your hands, they can be less precise than a brush. If you wear glasses, or need to get really close to the mirror as your eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, hands might block your view.
Try: Brushes
New innovations mean you can get good brushes for less (even synthetic bristles), and there's a shape for just about everything now. Brushes mean you don’t need to get as close to the mirror, your hands won’t be in the way and you can be more accurate in applying your product. Super-soft bristles mean even the most sensitive eyes won’t be irritated.

4. Choose your lip colour wisely

Skip: Flat matte
Matte lipsticks can highlight every fine line and crease in our lips, and they can make an uneven lip line more obvious. A too-dark colour, such as browns and burgundy, can also look dated and won't do you any favours.
Try: sheer colour balm
A glossy lip balm adds shine and fullness to lips, and skims over any lines to make your lips look fuller. Pick colours such as peach, soft pink and coral which will brighten your face.

5. Change your face powder

Skip: Tinted powder
Gone are the days when tinted, heavy face powder was your only option for coverage and shine reduction. Over powdering can make you look flat, without dimension in your face to show off your cheekbones, and it can accentuate fine lines if you use too much.
Try: Translucent powder
If you still want to powder your face to set your makeup use a translucent powder instead. The colourless formula will skim over the top of your skin, giving you a soft focus effect and will even blur some fine lines. Use a big, fluffy brush to diffuse the powder and less product than you think you need. You can always add more to certain areas with a smaller fluffy brush if you need.