Fans are thrown after seeing this new pic of Kim Kardashian looking unrecognisable

Kim, is that you?

By Alex Lilly
From peroxide blonde locks to an Anna Wintour-esque bob, Kim Kardashian has rocked numerous looks over the years.
But in a recent snap shared to mark the launch her new 90s-inspired collection of KKWBeauty, fans were lost for words. Dressed in leather bondage and rocking a smokey eye, the reality TV star looks almost unrecognisable and people had a lot to say.
The image was shared on both Kim's Twitter and Instagram accounts and the posts were flooded with confused messages.
"Why does this not even look like her....," one person mused on Instagram.
"I'm confused why does she look sooo different," wrote another.
One even commented, "She looks very pretty, but had to have gotten a nose job. Right? Something is off...I can't place it."
Take a look for yourself and make your own call!
Reckon this looks like Kim or not? (Image: Instagram @kimkardashian)
Others called out the celebrity mum-of-four for appropriating black culture and a few even confused her with another famous face.
"I thought this was Toni Braxton!" one noted.
"Ehhhhh Toni Braxton ? That you ?" asked another.
Kim hasn't responded to the backlash publicly but has shared another image from the same photo shoot that looks slightly more like her. Guess this mystery remains unsolved.
WATCH: Kim Kardashian's selfies through the years. Post continues after video...
Of course, this isn't the only business venture that has landed Kim in a spot of trouble.
In June, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star launched her new line of shapewear but the line's original name Kimono garnered a lot of negative press as a kimono is also a traditional Japanese garment.
While we all love a good pun, the name went down like a lead balloon with many accusing her of cultural appropriation. The backlash has prompted the trending #KimOhNo hashtag. oh no indeed.
Kim's controversially named shapewear line raised many eyebrows. (Image: Instagram @kimkardashian)

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