How to remove your eyelash extensions at home, according to an expert

Under NO circumstance should you pull on them.

By Maddison Hockey
There's so much to love about having eyelash extensions; the ease of I-woke-up-like glamour, looking red-carpet ready with almost no other makeup and rarely taking a bad selfie.
If you have made the truly difficult decision to part ways with your full and fluttery friends, however, we must warn you it will feel as harsh as a break up and the removal process comes with some very strict advice.
We caught up with the experts at Lady Lash and their founder Charlotte Creasey to to get the clear dos and don'ts of lash enhancements, including at-home removal.
There's a good chance you won't like the lash professional's answer but she's given it for important reason.
Lashes are the final touch of every red caret look. (Instagram)
"We don't encourage people to try and take their own lashes off just because that's dangerous," Charlotte explains.
We've warned you, and now Charlotte has too – it's dangerous.
BUT, we imagine there are a few of you out there to stubbornly persevere and attempt it anyway so here's what Charlotte can advise.
"I'd say put a bit of coconut oil on them and you'll find that they come off 50 percent faster than they would if you didn't use it, but it's not going to come off overnight," she explains.

Lash technicians can do a removal for you – safely – using professional products that help break down glue but if you don't want to head to the salon her best advice is to just be patient and let them grow out.
"The worst thing you can do would be to pick and pull and then that could cause damage."
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