How to: Beauty on a budget

Clean brushes:
Wash your make-up brushes with a foaming facial cleanser to keep them clean and soft.
Instant eye balm:
Keep your eye gel in the fridge for a refreshing eye treat on a hot day or after a late night.
No more smudges:
If you smudge your mascara, dip a cotton bud into some eye make-up remover and gently wipe it over the smudges. Finish by blending some pressed powder on to even out your make-up.
Sharpen those lines:
To get a sharp tip to a lipliner or eyeliner, pop the pencil in the freezer briefly before sharpening.
Envious elbows:
If you have dry, discoloured elbows, rub them with half a lemon. This will remove dead, dry skin and even out skin tones. Always apply a moisturiser afterwards.
Homemade beauty fix:
DIY facemasks are cheap and can be really effective. Mix together the following: a few drops of lemon juice and one whipped egg white. Peel and mash half a cucumber and then add it to the mix. Carefully smooth over face, avoiding eyes. Leave for five minutes, then rinse off. For dry skin, blend together one tablespoon of honey, one egg yolk and one tablespoon of olive oil. Use in exactly the same way and remove with damp cleansing pads or tissues.
Plump those peckers:
People with thin lips should choose lipsticks that are light in colour and finish them with a coat of lipgloss to give the appearance of fullness.
Downsize your lips:
People who have thick lips should go for darker matt colours, avoid gloss and line lips along their inner rim.
Elegant eyebrows:
Keep your eyebrows groomed by brushing them up towards your forehead first, then smoothing them out in a line towards your temple.
Recycle your wand:
Clean an old mascara wand to make the perfect eyebrow brush. It will also "declump" mascara from your lashes.
Get the wide-eyed look:
To brighten and "open" eyes, line the inner rim of your lower lashline with a white eyeliner.
Go au naturale:
Don't try to brighten pale skin by using a foundation that's darker than your natural skin tone. Blusher, lightly brushed across the cheeks, gives an instant and natural bloom.
Choose wisely:
To choose the right foundation for your skin, pick three or four colours you think are close to your skin tone and stripe them along your jawline. The correct colour will seem to "disappear" into your face and neck. It is important to remember that you will be blending the foundation down towards your neck, so the colour must match it as well. If two colours seem right, choose the lighter one.

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