Gwyneth Paltrow's brutal beauty routine

Despite being quite the advocate of all things natural on her GOOP website, it seems Gwyneth Paltrow goes hard core when it comes to her painful facial treatments.
The American actress has admitted in an interview with Hello! magazine that she favours the painful Thermage laser treatment when it comes to keeping her skin looking healthy and youthful.
Gwynnie said that the treatments feel like “being smacked” in the face. Thermage, also known as the “face-ironing” treatment, is designed to help tighten and smooth the top layer of skin by plumping up the lower layers.
It basically damages the lower levels of skin using radio waves, which in turn trigger natural collagen production which apparently leaves the skin looking plumper and fuller.
As Gwyneth’s GOOP website attests, she takes this health and beauty business rather seriously. She was of course recently featured in a cosmetics campaign for Max Factor, where she was transformed into a series of iconic retro beauties.
When Gwyneth spoke to Elle magazine recently, she also revealed just how fastidious she is when it comes to her beauty treatments, saying: ‘I go for hardcore squeezing, peeling, microdermabrasion and lasers- the works”.
The laser treatments aren’t just brutal to your face but also to your wallet, costing up to $7,000 for a full facial treatment. Ouch! Now that’s gotta hurt!

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